video, video marketing, video podcastingYouTube.com has been the #1 platform for video in the world for quite a while now. According to Alexa.com, out of 2 billion websites in the world, here are the Top Ten in the United States:

  1. Google.com
  2. YouTube.com
  3. Amazon.com
  4. Facebook.com
  5. Zoom.us
  6. Yahoo.com
  7. Reddit.com
  8. Wikipedia.org
  9. Myshopify.com
  10. Ebay.com

YouTube is the leading video platform on the Internet. As you see, YouTube is ranked #2 just after #1 Google.

But in the last few years, Facebook has been encroaching on YouTube’s turf offering easy video services of its own and is now nipping at YouTube’s heels.

In response to this, Google, whose parent company Alphabet also owns YouTube, has changed their algorithm to begin displaying a lot more YouTube videos on Page 1 of Google.

Not only that, but they are featuring videos in special Video Carousels on many search result pages that are larger and in the top half of every Page 1 if there is an applicable video to display there.

Often, they are putting these Video Carousels just below their paid Ads and ABOVE the organic search results that for real estate are over-populated with posts from Zillow, Trulia, Homes.com and Realtor.com


Annually, YouTube.com generates over $5 BILLION in revenue for Google. Not 5 MILLION… 5 BILLION dollars every year.

Why do you think they’re moving those videos into a video box above their other listings? Because they want to encourage people to make MORE videos so they can deliver more content. Why?

So they can make more money on ad revenue. How much more incentive do you need from Google? They’re almost bribing you with top positioning just for making videos they can include.

With Fall Market here, isn’t it time for you to come out of the shadows and be seen?

What have you got to lose except your anonymity? 

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