Picture this: You keep pushing back that Facebook post you meant to schedule because client appointments are filling up your calendar. Or, you started a Facebook Ad but are perplexed with the options and decisions required to run one campaign.

You are not alone. Lots of business owners try to do their social media marketing themselves and just don’t have enough hours in the day!

The decision to keep social media marketing in-house compared to hiring a professional can be a struggle. Here are some things to consider:

1. TIME: Hiring someone to run your social media ads saves you time.

One thing all small business owners and entrepreneurs have in common? You are being pulled in a million different directions and don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done.

Do you have 2-3 hours per day to devote to learning Facebook Business Manager for a few weeks, then another few weeks to practice creating and testing ads? Depending on your amount of free time, some social media courses can take months on months, to even a year to finish! Let alone master with practice afterward.

Unless you want to start a business running other people’s social media advertising, outsourcing your social media marketing is more time-efficient than learning the craft yourself. It will give you the time to put work into the business you are truly passionate about.

2. COST: Marketing is an investment. So is hiring an expert to run your social media or advertisements.

You are paying someone for their expertise, just like your clients pay you. It is important to evaluate if the cost to run Facebook ads is worth the return on investment.

Ask yourself, how much is a new lead worth to you? Is social media something you’d rather not have to maintain every day?

Hiring a social media expert will also help you make sure your advertising budget is being spent wisely, instead of putting money into an ad strategy that may or may not be working. Overall outsourcing can be the most cost-efficient way to spend your marketing dollars.

3. REDUCE STRESS: Social Media and Facebook specifically is constantly changing, is that something that stresses you out?

Similar to how you’d hire a contractor or an accountant, sometimes things just aren’t worth the stress of doing yourself.

You want someone who’s staying on top of industry changes and updates, in your corner. Social Media Specialist’s spend hours each week running campaigns and researching new ways to maximize social media efforts, odds are they will know about an update before you do and can work on adapting your existing campaigns or proactively changing things up.

Another stressor: how to know if your ads are actually working? An expert can help you navigate Facebook reporting, will be the first to tell you if an ad isn’t performing well, and will have the best idea of how to fix it.

The guessing game of doing social media yourself is not worth the time, stress or potentially wasted money. 

Being hesitant to hand over control of your ads or social media content at first is completely understandable. It is important to find someone you trust, who wants to help you learn and see your business succeed. Want to know more about the process as you go? Tell that to anyone you are considering hiring for the job, many agencies or freelancers are more than happy to show you what they do behind the scenes, and some probably even offer tidbits of their expertise in the form of blogs or webinars.

Searching for a company to check all those boxes? Look no further! HoopJumper Social Media Services have both Management and Advertising Packages to fit your needs and budget. We Jump Through Hoops to guarantee you are getting the MOST out of your social media marketing. Learn more about our process or request more information on our services today!

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