How many video blogs are you doing for your business?

Do you know that due to the prevalence of smartphone usage and high-speed internet accessibility, video blogs or “vlogs” have become the staple form of online content?

According to many recent studies (https://biteable.com/blog/video-marketing-statistics/), 81% of online consumer traffic is video, which is distributed across websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and other sites across the web.

Additionally, researchers have found that websites that feature more videos or video blogs are almost 3 times more likely to have the viewer spend more time on it that websites that don’t.

Essentially, what these numbers show is this: if you don’t take advantage of using video in your marketing strategy, you are throwing a huge opportunity out the window.

You should utilize every possible advantage to boost your marketing efforts. Video blogs are some of the most powerful mediums to spread your message, so use them!

If you’re not sure what topics you need to use for your video blogs, here are some that could generate more leads to your website:

#1 Business Activities (in and out of the office)

These may be office parties, charity work, any activity or event that would showcase the positive qualities of your business or brand.

#2 Tutorials

YouTube, Facebook and podcast sites are people’s go-to place on the web for educational and instructional content. If you are good at something, create a video about it. You’ll not only give value to your viewers, but you’ll gain their interest.

#3 Reviews and Top Ten Lists

Share your thoughts on areas that your business covers. If you are a real estate agent or broker, make a review about the best places you think buyers should purchase homes in.

Whatever video blogging topic you decide to use, make sure that it runs hand in hand with your marketing goals and strategy.

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