Is your branding now old and boring?

After a game changing 2020 that saw businesses either going out of business, or innovating, we are all now moving into a post-pandemic world where everything that came before 2020 is now old-school.

This means established brands that may have been successful in years past are now scrambling to update their brand.

Here’s a sample of many big name companies that have updated their brands to appeal to newer consumers:


When HoopJumper opened our doors in 2005, our complete focus was in designing and managing great real estate agent websites.

Now 16 years later, we have grown into a full-scale Advertising Agency for individual professionals with real estate as one of our specialties.


Along with our signature Websites, HoopJumper also offers professional Branding design.

Just like in the beginning, we are focused on jumping through hoops for individual professionals like you who need someone in their corner helping to elevate their brand so they can explode their business.

Here is HoopJumper’s original logo from 2005:

We at HoopJumper also realized that our old faithful logo featuring Hoopy, the tireless stick figure focused on jumping through hoops for you, needed an update to align better with our mission as a full service Agency focused on making our clients more successful… and happy.

Presenting our new HoopJumper Brand, which puts right out front that we are all about making you happy:

So, is it time for you to refresh your branding?

Are you ready to stop being a generic agent and are you ready to begin creating your own memorable brand? We have helped thousands of agents and small business professionals and we can help you, too.

As we roll out HoopJumper’s new Logo Brand, designed by our newly minted Branding team, we know that you may need to update your business Brand as well. Schedule a Complimentary Branding Consultation button now!