Are you trying to keep track of the social media updates?

Lots can happen in the realm of social media marketing in 30 days. These updates might affect you and how you do your business! So instead of searching the internet or signing up for countless newsletters, here are the top 3 headlines from June all in one place for you:

#1: Instagram began testing New Content Recommendations Within your Feed, Sometimes Above Profiles You Follow!

Do you notice how Instagram shows you suggested posts at the end of your feed? You know when you scroll for Instagram long enough and get to the “end” of your feed, where Instagram shows you suggested posts based on what you like and who you follow? Instagram implemented this last year and had been testing versions of it since 2018. The platform is now seeking to double-down and highlight more accounts, topics, and posts of interest to expand user horizons. While this means if your post is getting enough engagement, you might be bumped onto the feed of someone who isn’t following you, but also, instead of just competing for attention with other accounts that your fans are following, you’ll now have to factor in Instagram’s suggested posts too.


#2: Instagram is launching a Live Test of Image and Video Uploads From the Desktop Version of the App. 

If you plan and create social media content on your computer, be on the lookout for this test so you don’t have to move over to your phone every time you want to post an Instagram picture or video. Check for the + button on the top-right menu bar of to see if you can upload your visuals and post straight from the web!


#3: YouTube for iOS is officially gaining picture-in-picture support. 

This will allow non-premium and premium subscribers to close the YouTube app and continue watching their video in a small pop-up window! 15 year old would be so excited to be able to play music videos on YouTube while browsing other apps on my phone. YouTube has been back and forth with this feature. According to The Apple added support for picture-in-picture video for iPads with iOS 9, and brought it to iPhones with iOS 14. Since then, YouTube’s support for the feature on iPhones and iPads has been spotty — it works for iPad if you’re using Safari (though some have reported it doesn’t work for non-Premium subscribers); iPhone users have only been able to access the feature periodically. Some users have found creative workarounds utilizing Shortcuts to turn off built-in parameters on the YouTube site that disables picture-in-picture. Now, though, those workarounds will no longer be needed when YouTube officially rolls out support for the feature across all devices.


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