What does ‘beating the Algorithm’ mean to business-customer engagement?

How can winning against it make your business stand out?

The Algorithms are proven to be a nasty social media marketing enemy. It is powerful, and it can minimize your social media management. It is also responsible for the continued decline of organic traffic. According to Hootsuite, the average reach of an organic Facebook post is down to 5.2%.

Social media algorithms may be an uphill battle for business owners and independent professionals like you, but don’t be discouraged!!

It’s time to wear your winning face and set your social media marketing strategy to increase leads and convert to sales.


What Is a Social Media Algorithm

It may sound like a foreign term. Aside from the algorithm being such a nuisance to your social media reach, it is also defined as the ‘process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations in a computer.’

The first thing is you need to know who you are sparring with before entering the battlefield.

Instead of trying to ‘beat’ the Algorithm, lean into what it demands and you might just see your social media presence benefit from it.

To give you a higher winning chance against the algorithm, here are five social media marketing tips to strengthen your business’s armor and boost your audience engagement.


Consider Starting Your Own Social Groups

Aside from your business page, create necessary private groups or small groups that can aid you in streamlining your social accounts.

It sounds simple, but it can be effective and beneficial!

This proven strategy lets you develop your business and start creating followers for your brand. You can gather your prospects and target customers, communicate and interact with them in a Facebook Group for example. Then within the group, you can share what your business does with other like-minded professionals and business owners.

Allow your content to flow and let people expose themselves to your business. Discuss and build relationships and watch people line up to do business with you.


Iphone Displaying Social Media Application

Create Engaging Content

You can’t just simply rely on the steady flow of people because you can’t predict what will happen the next day. People might lose interest in your brand and leave you.

You need to strengthen your content, brand messaging, and strategic flow of consistent content. When you have engaging content, you won’t have to worry about losing anyone.

Most algorithms value content with high engagements because when people show interest, such as ‘Likes’ ‘Retweeting’ ‘Saving’ or sharing your content, the algorithm immediately assumes that your content is worthy of being shared with other people.

Your content is shared with other people outside of your niche!

If you’re looking to beat the Instagram algorithm, you must use Instagram Stories. It is an easy way to end up at the top of your follower’s feed. Post multiple stories in increments. You can use polls, funny gifs, and ‘questions’ stickers to keep your audience engaged. You can also incorporate videos into your Instagram Stories.


Crop anonymous professional videographer recording video on camera on street

Think of your Social Media Networks as Search Engines

It is a known fact that social media is already a search engine alternative. People use social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to reach businesses, discover your brand, and engage with business services. Try typing any search phrase associated with your brand or business in the search engine, use these popular questions to shape your content and optimize your accounts for SEO.

Beating the Algorithm means being one step ahead of it!



Focus on your Business’ Value

Do not expect people to follow and try your services if you don’t give them a reason. After creating engaging content, understand its value and make sure that people can also see it.

Your brand is your company’s value, and you should make people understand that. Align your content with your business’ purpose, give them a glimpse of your services and the relief it can bring to their pain points.


Seek Professional Assistance 

Sherlock Holmes had Dr. Watson. You need to have a professional social media specialist to maximize your business via social media presence.

At HoopJumper, our social media services are more than just posting content on a schedule. We create a strategy and produce high-quality content to attract audiences. Our social media specialists will strengthen your social media presence by helping you beat the social media algorithm.

Many businesses waste their time on posting content despite the lack of engagement. With HoopJumper, we will assist you in reaching many potential customers in the quickest time possible. Conquering the algorithm would be like a nice walk in the park.

HoopJumper will give your business a big online presence boost and make your services something people can always remember. We will make you understand that the algorithm is simply a closed door that you can easily unlock as long as you have our services.


How To Beat The Algorithm With HoopJumper

HoopJumper will give your business a big online presence boost and make your services something people can always remember.

Don’t waste money and energy trying to ‘beat’ the Algorithm; instead, focus on producing good content and making meaningful connections: we can help!

Schedule a complimentary social media review call with HoopJumper and let us help you reach your social media goals.