You have done a lot of experiments placing your videos so you can increase customer engagements but failed to do so. Maybe you are missing something!


Are you trying to figure out where’s the best place to put your marketing videos on your website?


The secret to effective videos on your website is WHERE you put them. When your videos are placed on the right website page, it will be easier for your audience to watch them, and get to know your brand.


Videos have been proven to create a more engaging environment for your audience. As a small business owner, learning this would help you improve your online marketing strategies.



To help you get started, let’s discuss the best video marketing practices for your website!


The Right Page for Different Videos


There are different videos for different aspects of your business. With that, there are also different pages for every marketing video you make.


Choosing the right page to place your videos is important for the consistency of your website. Improper placing your videos might cause some confusion to your visitors. That’s why you should get to know the different website pages and the right videos to put in them.


1. Homepage

Your homepage is the first thing your viewers will see. Take advantage of this webpage by including a video that contains a brief overview of your product and services. This webpage helps your visitors to determine whether they want to keep looking or not, so make your homepage stand out!


2. Products or Services Page

This page includes the benefit of your products or services. You can place videos that will teach your audience how your product works, and why they should buy it. How-to videos are popular on this page. You can also include an FAQ video on this page to answer commonly asked questions about your products.


3. About Page

Your ‘about page’ contains your brand’s history and your business team. Videos that highlight your brand story are essential to this page. Share some ‘Kodak moments’ and personal brand videos to humanize the page, making it more relatable to your website visitors.


4. Testimonials Page

Placing videos that showcase your customer’s experience using your products or services is perfect for this page. Aside from your customer’s participation, allowing your audience to hear, and see your loyal customers will help convince your leads to trust your business.


5. Landing Page

Your landing page is focused on your brand’s marketing and advertisement. Here, you can put different kinds of videos that will help people understand, and use your product or service. You can place brand stories, and how-to videos, and many more!


Benefits of Proper Video Placement To Your Website


Most people overlook proper video placements because they think it’s not going to make a difference.


Most people have it the wrong way.



Here are some benefits of using the best video marketing practices to do proper video placement on your website’s pages.


It introduces your business easier.

When your videos are placed strategically, your viewers can understand each part of your business whether it’s the history, products, or the experience of your loyal customers. This creates an identity for your brand.


You get improved search engine ranking.

When your website successfully uses videos the right way, it will have a higher ranking in search results by more than 52 times according to Forrester.


It produces more engagements.

Most people prefer to learn about products by watching videos because it is less time-consuming for consumers to watch rather than reading about your product.


It increases your lead conversion rate.

According to Averdeen study, websites with videos earn 49% faster than those without videos. This means, having the right video placed on your website produces significant conversions for your business.


It creates a user-friendly experience for your visitors.

Proper video placement on your website increases your viewer’s satisfaction because they know exactly what they can get from every page on your website. Without spending more time looking, or scrolling, you increase your customer experience by utilizing a user-friendly website.


Other Tips for Marketing Videos on Your Website


Your priority is to give your customers a great viewing experience. This means, aside from knowing where to put your marketing videos, you should make sure you are placing the Right video!


With HoopJumper’s video services, we are going to take care of your video marketing, podcasting, YouTube, and social videos.


Here are some tips to remember when placing videos on your website.


Minimizes scrolling

Make sure that your viewers don’t have to scrolls too far just to find your videos. Hassle-free marketing videos are always better for engagement.


Avoids auto-playing

Studies have shown that auto-playing videos in websites distract website visitors. Let your audience choose to engage with the videos so it doesn’t automatically play, especially when they’re visiting your website in public places.


Don’t make videos too long

Shorter videos tend to keep your viewer’s attention longer. Make sure your marketing videos are short but filled with the right information, content-rich, and engaging.


Pick the right thumbnail

Your video thumbnail serves as your video’s poster. It is your video’s preface and will give your viewers an idea of what they are about to see.


Make your videos accessible

Making your videos accessible for everyone will increase your engagement. As much as possible include audio descriptions and captions on your videos for a more viewer-friendly experience.


Content is key

Your video should be rich with content, and brand information, making it relatable to your leads. It should also reflect your values, history, and mission, so you can reach your audience on a more personal level.


How We Can Help You Increase Customer Engagement


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