*Livingston, Texas* July 15, 2021 – Hoopjumper introduces the new branded logo as part of its rebranding strategy.


Since Hoopjumper’s first mark in 2005, the now highly sought-after and coveted digital marketing agency founded by Brett Miller introduces the newly rebranded logo. With its very successful service to different platforms and industries, the company moved to update its brand logo to better reflect its goal as a full-service internet marketing agency focusing on the success, happiness, and development of its clients.


Hoopjumper’s unwavering commitment aids small business owners, independent professionals, and real estate agents reach their goals and help them make it in the global market.


Way back before Hoopjumper started, Brett Miller found his passion for branding and marketing. He helped bands do their promotions, creating logos, posters, signages, and flyers. That passion and ambition for advertising stayed in his heart.


Here at Hoopjumper, we offer more than cookie-cutter services, we provide services for everything marketing-related. Our unique company culture encourages each other to start a project with excitement, dedication, energy, and a path to achieve greatness.



Hoopjumper’s previous logo included a stick figure endlessly jumping through hoops, symbolizing our commitment to jump through hoops for you, focusing on exceptional services to our clients, leading to success.




Our new and improved logo now follows a more minimalistic aesthetic with a single red curve forming a smile as a detail, indicating our passion to provide signature quality-centered service and still jumping through hoops for you.


Hoopjumper is now providing more than lead-converting website services. We are offering a wide range of advertising services, such as high-quality branding, innovative social media management, and cutting-edge video services, from independent professionals, small businesses to real estate website services. A team of experts assists clients in building tailored-fit services that best fit the current needs, modern development, and advanced technology to achieve success.


Over time more and more businesses have been struggling to keep up with the fast-changing trends and creative content for marketing. Companies are now rebranding and innovating their service to newer and younger customers.


Like many other notable brands that have successfully changed their branding, Hoopjumper is ready to take yours to the next level.


We are approaching a post-pandemic period, businesses are rebuilding their image, and presentation for broader and fuller services. Now’s the time to rebrand yourself!


Branding is very critical to any business. It is the identity that makes you stand out from your competitors and sets you apart from other businesses. Rebranding is as natural as the changes in season, a part of growing and driving towards success, and it’s time you act yours.


Is rebranding really important for your business? It definitely is!


Rebranding provides an opportunity to reposition your company in a manner that allows you to service the ideal market. Not only does its benefits include connecting with a new audience much faster and better, but it also creates a personality that appeals to younger generations, tech-savvy clients, small business owners, and independent professionals. Also, rebranding boosts overall brand awareness as well as helps to keep the company fresh and relevant to modern technology.


Along with state-of-the-art technology, your business should also evolve. Rebranding grants the opportunity to present your company its development as you offer new products and services and set new goals. Showcasing your expertise through such a rebranding initiative will help you stand out from your competitors.


Your company can build a stellar business that people will remember with the right strategy, personal interaction, and outstanding visuals.


Are you ready to rebrand?


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