Times have certainly changed how businesses do advertising and marketing. Marketing has gone digital. Websites, videos, social media, and other platforms have advanced essentially to help businesses grow. These tools allow businesses to connect with an audience and reach out to customers so much easier.

However, one of the trickiest parts when it comes to your brand would be coming up with great content.

Your brand’s first engagement process is the content you post on your social media profiles, videos, and websites. It helps clients define your brand, products, and services. It also helps you build credibility and gain your customer’s trust.

So, your personal brand should be exciting, original, relatable, and appealing.

Creating content that fits all personal branding descriptions is not an easy task. To help you out, we went ahead and made a list of 8 fresh content ideas for your personal brand. 

Make Your Content Educational

You can do this content type by yourself or invite some guests to share their own insights. Sharing knowledge and expertise helps your customers understand what you do better. They appreciate someone willing to impart what they have learned over many years of working and studying. You can share industry secrets and some tricks on how to be successful in your field.


Take a Stand

A lot of businesses are too scared to voice out their opinions on the relevant and latest news. They fear that doing so would turn off certain groups of people from enjoying your services and create division in their community. Considering the events happening worldwide, more people have looked at corporations and businesses to take a stand and openly express it. Traditionally, a business is discouraged from doing this. You can break away from this mold. Expressing your stand on certain pressing issues make you approachable to different communities. You might gain a loyal audience by talking about how you support their cause.


Create How-To and Tutorial Content

People are in constant search of solutions to the problems they face daily. They often turn to the internet to find the answers. With your experience, you have a wider knowledge of the common challenges your audience might be facing. Create tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions to help solve these problems. Go in-depth! To truly stand out, include details that you can easily miss out on.


Keep A Blog or Video

Treat your blog or video as your online journal. Allowing customers to peek at what goes on in your everyday life makes you even more relatable to them. Gain their trust by giving them an exclusive look at your routine, thoughts, and ideas. 

Yes, your blog or video does not have to be a narration of what you did for a particular day. You can add tutorial videos or write tips and hacks about a wide range of topics, from mundane, everyday events to big issues that may affect you or your business.


Behind The Scene

Customers love getting little sneak peeks, and a lot goes behind the scenes that nobody thinks is actually happening. You can give your audience more than a peek, though, and give them a much thorough view of what’s happening behind the camera. Show your clients and followers what you and your team do in a day. If you have a team, one member can take over your social media profile for a day to receive questions and answer them personally. Each member can take turns narrating their tasks, how they go about their works, how they resolve issues that arise, and how the product or service is delivered. To make it more personal branding, they can show what they do during breaks and for fun. You can do this weekly and designate a special day for this content type.



Who does not love a good story? 

If you are working with another professional before your business, let your audience know what made you start your brand and how you built it. Tell them the story of coming with the name. You can share stories of the difficulties you encountered. Stories like these help your audience grow closer to your brand. It allows them to know you better and that you are interested in hearing the stories as well.


Forums and Communities

Building a community within your brand makes you earn the trust of your customers. You can give them a space where they can freely give their feedback, share their experiences, give recommendations, and offer suggestions. You also allow them to make connections with each other and ask each other questions and advice. Aside from that, you get to talk about topics that may not necessarily be part of your business but allows you to have a conversation with them. This makes you relatable and approachable.



If you want to let your audience know that you are the best at what you do, then a success story from one of your satisfied clients will do the trick. You can do this through videos or an article. Ask your client if they are willing to be interviewed for a testimonial. From our experience, if they are truly happy with your service, they agree to do it in a heartbeat. Satisfied customers love to give back the help that you gave them. Plus, it is also a good way to let them know that you enjoyed working with them.


How We Can Help You Create Personal Brand

Take advantage of these ideas to find what suits your brand. Always consider your customer’s thoughts, and don’t forget to gather feedback to help you find the perfect balance between your brand and your client’s needs.

Save yourself some time and trouble. Get in touch with Hoopjumper now. We will help you build your brand and come up with fresh content ideas that are true to you and so much more.

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