Are you at the edge of your sanity trying to create an engaging video to attract potential buyers and sellers?

Because videos are quick to consume, engaging, and interesting, it holds a lot of promise of interaction, advertising, and higher conversion rate. That’s why many businesses include marketing videos for their website, social media, and podcasts.

Did you know video content is one of the best marketing tools to spur productivity for your business?

If you are looking for bright ideas on attracting sellers and buyers via marketing videos, here are a few video content ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help you get started!


How Do You Attract Sellers Videos

To capture future sellers’ attention early, create a video highlighting the steps and process of remodeling their house, like improving the landscape, repainting, or removing the clutter.

You can also include a video of how people can sell their homes and receive top dollars in the shortest time. Include your scheduled appointment with a call to action to invite viewers to contact you for free. This allows you to capture future sellers’ attention before putting their homes on the market.

You can post a video that highlights common mistakes, like overpricing, failing to prepare for a house tour, or other things that you’ve seen people make when selling their property.

When considering how to attract sellers, separate two groups of people. Think of those who might be thinking of selling their homes and those who will sell sometime in the future. Help your potential home sellers understand the market and what you anticipate in the future of the real estate market.


How Do You Attract Buyers Videos

You can share the property’s demographics and other nearby areas before moving or buying to education buyers. You can mention the average house sizes in the neighborhood, the distance to popular destinations in the area, and other important details in your video when attracting buyers. This way, potential buyers can decide whether the area meets their family’s needs and is a good fit for them.

You can also make a video highlighting the amenities, like swimming pools, playground areas, or other features the current residents love. Establish yourself as the expert around the neighborhood so that people who see your content on social media will think of you as their go-to real estate agent.

Create a video that will tell the heat and humidity or the weather, or the traffic around the area. These videos allow potential buyers to get to know about living in a certain neighborhood.

You will earn your credibility due to your honesty. Instead of telling the good things only in persuasion to attract buyers, give them all the information to make an informed buying decision. They’ll trust your honesty.


Use Social Media Videos and Feeds

Audio and visual communication improve your engagement with your audience. Ensuring a catchy greeting will help you draw the audience’s attention. Make sure it’s a profitable keyword or higher ranking that increases your visibility and search level. Take advantage of that opportunity!

Buzzworthy content packed with a unique personality, flexing your achievements and recognitions while keeping your integrity and honesty is a great way to attract home buyers and sellers.

As soon as your audience is strongly attracted and interested in your work, the links to your in-depth videos that describe you and the services you offer are ready and available for clients to watch.


Behind the Scene Videos

Creating a BTS video is an excellent technique to get more intimate and up close with your potential buyers and sellers. A glimpse of what’s happening around the neighborhood unveils your real estate world, and its process gives your audience the feel of excitement wanting to be in the actual location.

Showcasing a real estate project and its execution behind the scene brings an attachment to your audience and clients. So, better show off a video expressing your personality as well as build engagement with potential clients. Fascinated onlookers will not stop after watching this video, so make sure links to your videos are ready at their fingertips.


House Tour Videos

Record a house tour video every time you host an open house. You can use it to promote the event in the hours before it starts. Your audience may be interested in seeing the house in person, but some people may not be able to come, so it pays to be prepared with a house tour video.

These videos also help increase your website traffic and spread referrals after checking out your walkthrough videos. You may also grab some attention from people who appreciate your efforts to go live on behalf of the property and sellers.


Referral Videos

Tell the stories of past clients who have sent referrals and explain how much you appreciate their efforts.

The best way to seal a good partnership is to send an appreciation video to clients. Make your clients feel valued to keep them coming back. Every transaction in the real estate business is a partnership between the seller and the agent or buyer and the agent.

Everybody loves a great story, and this is a soft way to stay on people’s minds for referral opportunities. Those referral customers became your friends as a result of the transaction.


Share Your Favorite Transactions

People tend to attract what we focus on. Sharing the story of your favorite transaction is one way to reconnect with your past clients. Show your audience that you enjoyed working with clients. You may not be meant to work with everyone, so if you share the stories of your past client that you enjoy working with the most, you will draw attention from those clients in the future.


Videos Of Your Funniest Transaction

Transparency can equate to credibility, so tell the story of your funniest transaction. This will help potential buyers or sellers that you love what you are doing and people do business with people they like. Also, these videos boost your likeability persona in a way that draws potential clients.


Your Worst Transaction Video

These videos tell the story of transactions with major obstacles and then explain how you overcame them. Everyone loves to see someone win victoriously, and some people will check out your video just to see and hear what happened. These draw potential buyers or sellers to see your effort, thus building your credibility by explaining how you handle challenges.


Coming Soon Videos

You should create a coming soon video for every listing that you take. It gives your potential buyers a thrill and excitement about properties coming on the market. It also helps people who are interested in buying.

Share some information about the property, or more suitably, a sneak preview of what’s coming in your next video. Provide your audience a teaser of the current market numbers relating to sales activity and average sales price compared to the same time last month or year.

These videos will help potential buyers or sellers to know about the area, and they will like and trust you.


How We Can Help You Create A High-Quality Video

The task at hand is to take one or more of the marketing video concepts and see it through completion. While it may appear to pick which creative video ideas will fit with your business, you might be shocked at how much fun and easy these videos are. Even more, you will be amazed at how you increase your audience in the shortest period. 

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Remember that they will like you more if you are genuine, innovative, enthusiastic, and relevant.