A picture speaks a thousand words, and if that’s the case, then a video could tell a whole story. Creating a video that could reach your target audience and convert your leads into buying customers should be among your business marketing priorities. Video marketing is one of the best ways to increase your product’s popularity, credibility, and conversion. But before you roll the camera and unleash the vogue model persona of your business, do you wonder how to make your video stand out from your competitors? In today’s blog, let’s talk about other ways to create marketing videos in case you are not yet ready to wink in front of the camera.


What is Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are business featured videos promoting your product or services to increase awareness, productivity, and authority. It is a forward-facing marketing strategy that infuses video to build a product’s rapport and promote business. This method also demonstrates how to use the product, engage testimonies, live streaming, and about company culture videos in much informative and entertaining content. It also helps draw attention from your viewers and customers. 

Though these marketing videos are focused on attracting leads and prospects, they should also deliver the brand’s message. If you decided to tug a heartstring and make your audience jump on your basket, prepare your lip twitching and captivating smile.



A storyboard is a shot-by-shot visual breakdown of the video. It summarizes a more than an hour movie and turns into 5 minutes video without leaving important and nerve thrilling details. The storyboard is a part of the video-making process that you can use to build up entertainment as well as information about your brand or services. When you present a storyboard to someone who does not read the whole script, the person can understand the whole story. It’s a way of seeing every single shot, seeing what works and doesn’t work. 

Storyboard establish your timeline to figure out the sequence of event in your video. You can also use it to identify the key and important scene about how you make your product or provide your services. It can also help determine the pivotal and powerful points, highlight the details, and easily identify your brand’s identity or even your company culture.


Whiteboard animation is a good choice for business marketing videos, especially if you want to add colors and fun. Whiteboard animation is designed to deliver such content that is hand-drawn on a white background. It can level up your product or service by covering a lot of information in the presentation. With the narrator describing what’s going on, it unfolds ideas and engages your viewers. 

With this element in the whiteboard, playing on the viewer’s curiosity is possible, making the audience hooked to your story. You can use such techniques for explainer or how-to videos, thus providing a character, your viewers can identify—the best possible way to give your audience a story with maximum impact.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics videos are another great way to attract eyeballs and clicks. This video presentation allows you to produce something viewers can identify worth seeing, reading, and sharing. You can use these animation videos to connect your audience with your business, products, and services. Most explainer videos also use motion graphics to illustrate a clear, minimalist concept to introduce a brand. 

Motion graphics videos are powerful storytelling tools that allow you to take details of your brand and elevate them. You can integrate typography, images or illustrations, and charts to make your content fun to watch without losing interest in your business. You can use them on social media gifs, logos, and Facebook ads.

Typography or Moving Text Videos

Moving text or kinetic typography is an animation video that expresses ideas through the movement of words. Some businesses use kinetic typography for advertising products on social media or video streaming platforms. It is a great way to grab the viewer’s attention.

With precise audio recording and visual timing, text-based videos can be entertaining and effective to easily help viewers remember key terms. It’s also an excellent way to use text effects, large, thick fonts to emphasize the message, or use small, thin, flowing texts to keep the video enjoyable to watch while learning about your business. Kinetic text videos help communicate your mission, core values, and brand’s purpose.

Collage or Photo Montage videos

Combined photo slideshow, collage, or photo montage accompanied with music or voiceover can be great business marketing videos. It helps businesses tell a story about products or services by conjuring emotions and visually appealing photo collection. These marketing video types are usually used to recap milestones, events, or product development.

Welcome videos, social media posts, and about us videos are great places for photo collection because it highlights and taps positive emotions into your prospects. These videos also help create an impression on your viewer’s mind which are the first steps towards conversion.



Voiceover is an equally important tool to deliver a brand’s message in video marketing. Choosing the exact tone and delivering the lines the way the video wants to be presented will set the mood for the whole content.  Voiceover is recorded on a separate audio track and applied over the visual during the editing process in post-production.


Tips to Create Marketing Videos


  • Tell a Story

An effective marketing video tells a story that conveys emotions and delivers a message clearly, so do not be overly salesy. Businesses use visually appealing videos not only to entertain but also to educate their customers.

  • Create Inspiring Title

Your video’s title plays a big role in grabbing people’s attention. You should have a stimulating and eye-catching marketing video title. Also, make sure the title is relevant to the video’s content. You can use relevant keywords to help the video show up on search engines.

  • Compelling Introduction

The introduction of the video is important and should be made captivating, entertaining, and informative to hook the viewers. Make sure the audience is not confused when you deliver or convey the message of your introduction. This encourages the viewers to watch the whole video.

  • More on the Mission and Less on the Product

Instead of focusing on the product and all its benefits, deliver the video’s message into the product’s mission. 


How We Can Help You Create Videos for Marketing

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