Have you ever searched for someone on Facebook only to find so many pages with the same name or business?

Doesn’t this scenario leave you confused with even more questions? How do you know which page you are looking for, or are these pages legitimate at all?

For startup businesses and established brands, getting verified on a Facebook page is a big deal. This helps authenticate a business’s Facebook page and allows their followers to verify the right page. If you want to know how to get your Facebook page verified and why you need it now, keep reading to find out more.


What Is Facebook Verification

Facebook verification is the process of getting a blue or gray badge. It also identifies your Facebook page as verified and established. The badge next to your business name confirms that your Facebook page belongs to a specific public figure, company, or brand.

Verified badges appear next to the account’s name. It does show that your business is valid and legitimate.

With Facebook verification, you can have early access to some new Facebook features that are yet available to all accounts. So, you can have the edge over your competitors who may not have the same access.


Why Your Business Page Needs To Get Verified

Facebook’s Algorithm automatically places verified badges at the top feeds. Setting search result businesses on top when someone is looking for a specific industry. This increases your business page’s visibility. A checkmark next to a name is the most reliable way to make sure your business is authentic.

A person searching on Facebook does not have to open each page to see what they are looking for. Imagine your leads or prospect searching thousands of Facebook pages. That may seem very frustrating. A badge and verified Facebook page saves your leads time and effort if they manually check every business page.

Seeing your business page verified means people can confidently contact you, follow your updates, and ultimately, do business with you!

Facebook follows a vetting process that requires documents before approving your business page. It helps them confirm your business, and the account is genuine and actually exists. It also helps potential customers to identify your business is trustworthy and worth investing in. Getting verified gives your brand credibility.

A checkmark also gives off an air of doubt. It leaves an impression to leads that your business provides top-notch service and has a ton of satisfied customers. Your leads and customers will not think twice about doing business with you.


How to Verify Facebook Page

The process of getting a business page is different from other personal pages. Follow the steps below so you can finally get a checkmark next to your business name.

Step 1

You must go to the admin page and fill out a form to send a request to Facebook for a verification badge. For business purposes, click on ‘Page’ not ‘Profile.’ Then, click the ‘Select page to verify’ dropdown menu to find your business page.

Step 2

Attach a copy of any of the following official company documents.

  • Organization’s phone or utility bill
  • Certificate of formation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Tax or tax exemption document belonging to your organization

These are identifying documents that will prove you are truthful in your answer and your business is authentic and legitimate.

Step 3

Fill the box for an explanation of why your business page should get verified. This is an essential step to convince Facebook of your status. Make it compelling, reasonable, and valid. Include any information about your business that can help you win over Facebook’s approval. It includes your brand’s goal and vision, your achievements, and any press coverage and features.

Step 4

Click ‘Send,’ and you will then be re-directed to a page where you can view the status of your request. While verification is not yet approved, access this page to get updates on your request’s progress and check if you have received any message from the Facebook Team. You can also send them messages.


H2. Tips for Easy Verification

  • Make sure that your page has a profile picture and cover photo
  • Fill out any information about your business like the ‘About’ tab
  • Add links to your social media accounts and official business website.
  • Frequently update your page status and posts. Interact with your followers. It ensures your page is active.
  • Check the information you put in the form matches with the details on the official documents you uploaded.
  • Facebook needs to see a document with an accompanying official signature or seal.
  • Make sure your documents are up-to-date. Scan or take a picture in high resolution
  • Feature your customer’s testimonials and reviews on your page


How We Can Help Manage Your Social Media Profile

Even if you have followed these steps and tips, it does not guarantee that you will get your badge. Facebook can still deny your request despite submitting all the requirements and ensuring that you are eligible.

At Hoopjumper, we will go through the entire marketing process with you, so you don’t have to worry about doing it all only to have your efforts get thrown in the dumps.

Are you still having doubts about getting verification badges?

Level up your business trust and confidence rating by scheduling a social media review with us. We can help you make sure your Facebook page is all set and ready to get well-deserved engagement and productivity.

You can also visit us at www.social.hoopjumper.com to learn more about our services.