Video marketing has changed the way we communicate, advertise, and do business with one another. It’s safe to say that video has improved how we consume information. Personal brands discover that visual content has tapped and found that it leads to higher engagement than all-text content. Businesses are using video marketing’s flexibility and creativity and reaping the rewards of new leads, conversions, and sales.  There is no better opportunity than now to focus on video content because it is one of the most successful marketing tools available. Studies are saying that video will account for nearly 80% of all web traffic.

With the rise in video marketing, consumers turn to brands that provide authentic, interesting, and useful information. This is fantastic news for personal brands!

It is easier than ever to build a dedicated brand following simply by improving your personal branding. Conversions and sales are built on trust, and video marketing may help you develop trust much faster. You can persuade your followers to take the next step with your personal brand by building a video strategy that continuously engages and ignites emotions and help solve their problems.


Why Video Marketing Can Help Personal Brand Grow

The use of video in marketing strategy makes waves among businesses of all kinds, including independent professionals and entrepreneurs.

According to the survey, videos helped businesses raise brand awareness by 70%, website traffic by 51%, and revenues by 34%. 

Isn’t the end result breathtaking?

Video marketing’s popularity stems their ability to engage prospective customers across different platforms with relative ease.

Personal brands like yours increasingly use videos to attract, convert, and retain new customers with great success.

Videos are used to expand personal branding, such as:

  • About Us
  • Q&A Interviews
  • Behind the Scene Footages
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Explainer Videos


7 Ways To Use Video Marketing To Boost Personal Brand

There are many ways video marketing can help boost your personal brand.

  • Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are tremendously entertaining and personal, yet using them carries very little if any risk. More than 250 million individuals use Instagram stories every day, which should convince you to take advantage of your social media marketing efforts.

When you use Instagram stories regularly, you’re showing up in the lives of your audience daily, keeping your personal brands on top of their mind. Instagram stories are supposed to showcase your activity, daily life, and business. So, there’s no need to go overboard with the marketing expenses. Instead, utilize tales to video blog about your day, make product recommendations, talk directly to your viewers, and generate true influence.

Try adding smart and essential hashtags to your stories and encourage your followers to repost your material to boost your personal brand.

  • Embed Videos To Your Website

Embedding a series of videos explaining your brand, what you do, and why you do it is another useful idea. You can feature and post your video content to your website so that potential viewers may get a sense of your brand immediately when they browse your website.

Consistency is the key. You’ll be more likely to create a relationship with your audience, earn their trust, and take appropriate action if you strategically place marketing videos on your website.
  • Post Videos To Your Social Media Profiles

The most powerful and effective approach to boosting personal brands is posting videos to different social media networks, like Facebook and YouTube. Consumers watch over one billion hours of YouTube videos per day, including Instagram and Facebook.

Here are some reasons for this:

    • There is more online traffic which equals more engagement and conversion opportunities.
    • You can use playlists to help users navigate your content.
    • You can remarket your product and services to viewers.
    • Loyal customers are notified when you publish new content.
You should upload new videos on your social media profile at least each week. Although this process may appear intimidating, the more video content you produce, the more you will repurpose for various platforms. 

For example, you can repurpose one or more YouTube videos into a Facebook post or story.

Because of the increased distribution, becoming creative with how you film and frame your material will make it significantly more compelling.

  • Go Live Stream On Your Channels

Live streaming is the new future of video marketing. Pre-planned social media posts are seen as less authentic and personable than live stream footage. Brand audiences prefer live video to social postings, with 82% of consumers saying they would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog.

You should go live at least once a week to allow your personal brand to shine out like a pro. 

Maintaining consistency is critical while also providing engaging and meaningful information to your audience.

To ensure a consistent experience, go live at the same time each week. 

  • Engage with Weekly Live Community

It’s now time to charge your weekly community interaction with your followers. You have more control over the platform, messaging, the value you provide to your audience.

You may develop a deep connection and trustworthiness with your followers by encouraging an online community. You’ll be able to open up the chance to upsell your higher-tier packages from a marketing standpoint.

You can also repurpose portions of your activity for use as public-facing content on other platforms. You will get more credibility and influence from those who don’t know you yet if you showcase your customer’s testimonials.
  • Tell them a story

Lean heavily into the storytelling part of things if you can secure content on a platform that promotes long-form content. Customers are eager to respond to videos, which is possibly the best-suited marketing media for storytelling. Studies show that 55% of customers who enjoy a brand’s story are willing to buy a product or service.

All the information you want to inspire via video marketing can be shaped into a story.

Do you want to share product specifications? 

Do you want to offer a new product discount?

Demonstrate what went into achieving that product’s price reduction. Customers will notice and respond to your efforts, resulting in a significant return on investment.

  • Engage, Educate and Energize

If everything else fails, stick to the basic marketing principles, engage, educate and energize. By placing your videos in the right place at the right time, you can ensure that your target audience is exactly who and where you want them to be. You educate them with well-written, aesthetically presented content that provides knowledge that is relevant to them. Most significantly, you energize your audiences to connect with your brand, resulting in a new partnership.


How We Can Help You Create High-Quality Marketing Videos/ Boost Personal Brand

With years of experience and expertise in digital marketing, we’ve helped thousands of business owners, real estate agents, and independent professionals use marketing videos for their businesses. 

To get you started, all you have to do is record a selfie video on your smartphone, send your media file to HoopJumper, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We will edit, optimize and post your videos!

Schedule a free video services review with Hoopjumper, and let’s discuss how you can utilize great video marketing for enhanced customer experience and increased business sales!

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