Video marketing has upgraded far more you could imagine. 70% of online customers prefer to watch a video rather than sit in a long in-store product or service demonstration. Small business owners and real estate professionals adapt to the demands of potential buyers as to showcase products or services in featured demo videos has become a favored learning method.

With demo videos, you wouldn’t need a significant amount of time to create a high-quality, detailed product or service video. Everything you need to work on is to properly demonstrate your product’s benefits, features, advantages, etc.


What is a Featured Demo Video?

Featured demo videos or short product videos are a simple but effective way to show prospective clients how your product works, what your business really is, and what you have to offer. 

They’re more crucial than ever now that many small businesses have had to shut their doors. But even before, video product demos were a significant marketing technique that teaches habitual internet buyers about a product or service.

We have learned what a product demo video is and all it can bring to your business. 

Let’s move on to the eight steps in creating effective product demo videos.


8 Steps to create effective demo videos for your marketing

With individuals claiming they’ve been motivated to buy a product or service because of a brand’s video, it’s obvious that video marketing help business grow, and product demo videos are a profitable road forward. 

  • Determine the objective


Subscription services?

How-to or instructions?

Brand exposure?

Determining what you would like the target audience to receive from your video and what you want them to do with it.

What action do you expect viewers to take after watching your video, and how do you fulfill or serve that demand? 

These should help you address and determine how your demo videos answer these questions.


  • Specify your target audience

You can do this by specifying your unique target audience.

Have the viewers for this video shopped with your before? Are you exposing them to a new product or service? Is this video addressing individuals who haven’t heard of you before? What customer profile will you be targeting in the video?

It’s important to plan and mark your demographic targets so you can set your business to them.


  • Establish a budget and a timeline

Before creating a product demo video, you should decide the budget you want to allocate. It will help you plan ahead of time.

Does your budget meet the objective you’ve set for your product demonstration video?

Don’t forget to plan when you must publish the demo video because even the largest funding levels can run up against barriers if the timeframe is too restricted.


  • Are you going DIY or hire services?

This selection will largely be based on your budget. However, it’s also important to meet other video marketing agencies to provide you with innovative pitches and much greater quality for your project.

If you have a small budget, you can still produce a video with a smartphone, or you could screen record with your laptop or desktop computer. You can work with what you got, but make sure you get the highest video quality.


  • Plan your video and content

What narrative will you tell? To what extent do you want to draw attention to your main points? Will you use images only, texts, or both? Organize how you will express your goal and keep your audience interested in what you can bring to the table.

Using a creative video marketing agency to assist you and establish your content may be a good idea for your business. They can motivate you and identify which structure will work best for your products or services. The duration and completion are other elements you want to consider. You might be wondering how long a featured demo video should be. The tipping point is two minutes. If your demo video dives into detail regarding use cases and functionality, you can go up to 5 minutes.


  • Do you prefer animation or live-action

Animation can sometimes be less expensive than a live-action video. Work within your means and your level of expertise. Choose which option can best carry your product, services, engagement, what’s in it for your audience, and the length of your video.


  • Prepare a script

This one is also an important part of the video-making process. 

Begin with a project plan, outline your goals, then a section for your call to action, and ensure your script keeps the objectives you’ve defined.

Throughout the video, always do a verbal roll before getting straight behind the camera. This will allow you to determine whether anything sounds out of place or needs rework.


  • Create a marketing strategy

Once you’ve recorded, edited, and completed your demo video, it’s time to make a decision on how you will distribute it to your audience. It can be on social media platforms; your website, YouTube, landing pages, and targeted email campaigns are all excellent action plans.

Other opportunities include promoting the video in your partner blog articles and integrating it into your marketing team’s pitches. Make sure that your target audience engages with your product demo videos. 


Why you should use more product demo videos to boost marketing

Explaining how to use software, putting up a piece of new equipment, presenting a virtual house tour, or even a DIY repair guide, you can use these on your website as featured demo videos. Their use can be highly effective, leading to increased conversions, attracting wider audiences, and repeat sales.

The most significant advantage of product demo videos is that there’s no limit to the number of people who can watch the same material anytime, making it far more engaging than long blog posts.

Demo videos also provide value and entertainment. People enjoy watching videos that require minimal effort from them. It brings genuine product information in front of buyers that is crucial in the customer buying process.


How we can help you create an engaging demo video for your marketing

Product demonstration videos add value to your business, website, and marketing strategy. 

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