With the popularity skyrocketing to more than 75% of online users watching online videos every week, entrepreneurs and real estate professionals should utilize marketing videos on their sales strategy. Why shouldn’t they?


You’re losing a huge conversion potential if you don’t include video content in your marketing plans.


Video has now become the focus of building brand awareness, lead engagement, brand story, and building trust. It’s incredibly valuable to the foundation of any effective marketing effort and has provided a lot of growth and impact on businesses. However, it can be difficult to kickstart your video marketing when it’s been a lot of guesswork choosing the ideal content for your niche. To sweep off that dilemma, we’ve created a few key steps on how to kickstart your video marketing that will make a massive contribution to your business.


How Do You Benefit from Kickstarting Your Video Marketing?


Consumers like to watch a quick video rather than read an article. Videos are also preferred by more than 50% of consumers instead of images. They are also more inclined to watch short clips than stories posted on social media. Videos are also considerably more accessible than other types of materials because they can be accessed on various devices.


Here are several key benefits of video marketing:


  • Increase brand awareness

Kickstarting your video material will help your business stand out. Publishing videos that are consistent, engaging, and of excellent quality guarantees that many ideal clients view your material.


  • Communicates brand’s message

You’ll be able to interact and convey your messaging and values far more efficiently using videos. A short film outlining what your brand stands for, what you do, and why can major affect how others see your business.


  • Builds trust

Videos provide you extra chance to earn your viewer’s trust. They have the ability to hear and see you, allowing them to grab the substance of what you’re doing. People will use this approach to decide whether or not they can recognize you. You will successfully create a more interactive customer experience by utilizing clear branding and voice.


What Types of Videos You Should Make


When brainstorming video ideas, consider how they will benefit your customer and reach your business goals. Are your marketing schemes aligned with your mission, and how may video marketing assist you in achieving them?


Videos showcasing success stories, promoting a product, or providing helpful tips and advice might just be the most excellent way for you to exhibit your competitiveness and authority.


Here are a few marketing videos you should try.

  • Product reviews
  • Behind-the-scenes tour videos
  • How-to or instructional videos
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • About us videos
  • Q & A videos


Other types of marketing videos can help you advance your business.


How To Kickstart Your Video Marketing


  • Make your marketing video unique to your target audience

Your moment to express your creative juices is video production, and your content must tap your target audience’s curiosity. You must have already produced a brand message shared across all of your platforms and applied it to your marketing videos. Ensure that your business strategy is coherent across all mediums and serves your audience’s interest.


Your goal should inform your consumers about what your business can achieve for them. Keep things simple. You need to do that in your marketing videos. You will lose your viewers if you create a lengthy or thorough video.  Instead of pushing everything into your message, you could always make a new video to include more subjects. Try focusing on just a few key themes in your marketing video.


  • Make your first 5 seconds count

Think how many other advertisements a regular internet use might see today.


Catching and keeping a customer’s attention has never been more difficult. So make your first 5 seconds count by asking yourself, why would consumers watch your video?


You only have 5-10 seconds to pique your viewer’s attention. Your video should be able to communicate its worth right away. Let the viewers know why you’re the type of business they’re looking for. Keep your audience engaged for your video marketing to have a better chance of getting watched. Keep your message short and to-the-point if possible.


  • Go Live Video to increase engagement

You may communicate with your viewers with genuine live videos. Preparing is essential because you only really have one shot at this. There’s no turning back once you’ve gone live!


Make a list of what you’re doing in your video and plan well in advance. An intriguing product launch, a special Q&A, or a visit to the workplace could be a wonderful chance for live video.


To create buzz, share it on social media, include it on your next email blast, and remind your audience to join you once you go live.


  • Optimize your marketing videos

Whatever video content your pick, make sure to optimize your marketing videos for search engines. So that search engines can crawl your content. You can include relevant keywords, tags, and descriptions. You should explain specifically what your video is about because search engines can’t understand the actual information. Otherwise, your video will not receive the most incredible amount of exposure.


SEO also improves videos, thanks in part to their description. While search engines such as Google concentrate on keywords and other descriptions, their algorithm can only evaluate so much about a video.


  • Close your marketing video with a call to action

A Call-To-Action or CTA is a message that motivates your visitors to do a specified action. The CTA is your public’s ultimate call to action, guiding them to the next move they have to make. A clear and straightforward CTA will take your prospective customer towards the next phase, whether it’s to buy the product, join an account, watch another video, or subscribe to your mailing list. When utilized correctly, it will greatly enhance conversion rates.


Anyone who stayed with you for the duration of your video has shown curiosity in what your brand or business has to say. This is your chance to include a CTA and explain what steps your visitors should do right now. It should be related to the video’s content and displayed prominently on the website.


How we can help you kickstart your video marketing


Video can be a powerful and effective marketing tool to achieve your goals. Keep your message short and simple, consistent, and relevant to connect with your target audience.


Ready to get started?


Grab your smartphone or iPhone, record a short clip, send it to us, and let Hoopjumper do the rest for you.


We invite you to go over our video services packages and choose the right feature tailored to your business.


Time to put your mind at ease about jumping and kickstarting your video marketing!