How are your social media posts nowadays?

Do they still keep your followers interested with your products/services?

Social media is a very powerful tool in marketing your business, but due to the overwhelming amount of posts going out from all kinds of sources everyday, it may sometimes seem daunting to compete for the viewer’s attention.

This shouldn’t discourage you from continuing to post on your social media pages. You just need to find better ways to make your social media posts engaging to keep your followers hooked.

Here are five content ideas to help you keep your social media posts fresh and engaging for your followers.


Contests and Special Promotions

There’s one for every season, so this should fill up a good portion of your content calendar. Contests are a great way to get followers to participate in your promotions, so it’s good to always have these two hand-in-hand.

For example, if you have a promotion for a product where your customers get discounts for purchasing multiple quantities, then you can create a contest related to the product where they get the promotion as a prize.


Tips About Your Industry

Whether you’re giving tips on how to start a business in your industry, or what kinds of technologies are useful for a business such as yours, it’s important to create posts like these because they help establish you as an expert in your industry.

Social media posts like this can be short memes or snippets, or they can also link to blogs that you create on your website if you need to talk about a specific topic in detail. That way, you can get more traffic to your website.

You can also post links to outside sources if you do not write your own blogs, but be careful to not do this too much or you will drive traffic to third party websites instead of your own.


Customer Profiles or Testimonials

Depending on what kind of business you are running, customer profiles may not always be available or even allowed for you to post, but if this is available, you should feature key customers on your social media posts because they give you more credibility.

Testimonials on the other hand, are ALWAYS a must and you should schedule posts like this once or twice a month. They give a boost to your credibility as a business and encourage new followers to keep engaging with your company.

Take some time to get fresh testimonials from your previous and existing customers so you have a treasure trove of content to fill up your content calendar.


Reminders (Holidays, Local Events)

These are things that are happening in your local community, whether they be holidays, concerts, charity events, festivals, and other relevant events that your followers may be interested in.

The reason this is important is that it adds a sense of community to your business. Social media posts like this give your followers the impression that your business isn’t just there to make money off them, but that your business is a legitimate member of the community and that it is serving its part.


Humorous Memes

Don’t be too business-focused on your social media posts – have some humor in it too! People like to laugh every once in a while, so doing humorous posts once a week (if you’re posting daily, which you should) is a no brainer.

Of course, your funny memes should still be related to the industry you’re in, or something relevant to your products and services. Always remember, your goal is to keep your followers engaged, so using memes should still be strategic for your business.


There are so many more content ideas that you can choose from, but we hope these five give you enough to fill out your content calendar for the next two or three months.

Researching is key to finding relevant and engaging content for your social media posts, and sometimes, due to the busyness of your schedule you may find it hard to fit this in your schedule.

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