How are you doing with brand consistency?


Do your leads recognize your brand when you market online?


How long does it take for your leads to recognize your brand?


Brand consistency is a concept that many marketers understand, but is seemingly missed by business owners often.


So what is brand consistency?


Brand consistency is how your business makes sure that in all of your messaging campaigns, you are constantly showcasing your brand’s identity.


This may involve your core values, customer experiences, product or service guarantees, etc…


This enables you to make sure that in all of your marketing, sales and even your support materials, your leads and customers can easily recognize your brand.


When your leads can more easily recognize your brand, this produces a more unified experience that will make them more susceptible to your marketing.


Think about it this way. Let’s say you’re sitting in your computer, watching a YouTube video when all of a sudden, you see a person tired and sweaty from the heat of the sun, and then you hear a bottle cap sound.


Without even thinking about it, you recognize the commercial as a Coca-Cola commercial.


Brand Consistency Helps Foster Lifelong Customer Relationships


When your brand’s identity consistently shows up in all of your messaging, it enables you to build trust with your leads and customers.


A consistent message shows your leads that you are reliable; it tells them that they can go to you because you can meet what they need.


According to a statement by Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, “95 percent of our purchase decision making takes place in the subconscious mind.


What does this mean for your brand?


This simply means that people buy things for emotional reasons rather than practical ones.


As such, many marketers often use emotion-based marketing campaigns, invoking the feelings of their leads to produce the effects they want.


When you consistently make your leads feel like they can trust you, they will not only be more likely converted into customers, but even make repeat purchases from you.


From logos to emails, from social media posts to banners, you brand identity should show up in every marketing and messaging channel.


Of course, while brand consistency is essential for your business, we also acknowledge that it isn’t something that you can easily do with all of the busyness of your schedule.


But don’t worry!


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