Do your videos showcase your brand?


When people watch the videos you post online (whether they be ads, video blogs, etc…), do they immediately recognize your business?


Videos are the most effective way to showcase your brand because they are the most utilized medium in marketing today.


Because of this, it is essential for your videos to consistently show your brand identity so your leads and customers get the same message. As mentioned in our previous blog, brand consistency builds a lot of trust, so if your videos consistently showcase your brand, your leads are more likely to turn into customers.


Creating videos that consistently showcase your brand is not as complicated as it seems.


Here are five ways to do that:


Establish Your Message


Before you start creating your videos, you need to first identify and establish the branding message. This will solidify your identity, so you can create consistency when you use videos to showcase your brand.


Your message would answer the question on what your company stands for, why you are here, and what your leads and customers will expect when they partner with you.


Create Storyboards For Your Videos


Video marketing is mostly about messaging, about how you can effectively convey your brand’s message using sound and images. To make the message in your videos consistent, having a storyboard is essential.


A storyboard is like a map for your videos – it gives you a visual representation of where the video starts, where it climaxes, and where it ends.


On the storyboard, you can identify where you can best place your brand message, so you can always show your brand identity in the video.


Create Intros and Outros


This is the best way to showcase your brand. Intros and outros not only make your videos look more professional, but they also subtly remind your viewers who you are and what your company represents.


From the start of the video to its end, the intro and outro will bring a constant reminder of your brand’s identity to your audiences. It also helps them know what to expect when they watch your videos.


Have A One Liner In Every Video


Again, it’s all about making your viewers remember who you are and what your business is all about. The one liner is one of the most effective ways to do this.


When you hear the phrase, “I’m lovin’ it,” you don’t think twice – you immediately recognize this as McDonalds.


Create a one liner for your brand so you can use it in every video. You can even put that one liner in your intro or outro so your viewers will never forget.


Make Use Of Backlinks


This is a strategy that you need to prepare for not just after the video is created, but even before. What kinds of links are you going to use on the description section of your video when you post it online? Which pages of your website are those links going to?




Of course, all the above ideas are just covering the creation of the video. Once it’s created, it will need to be edited to make it look professional.


This is where HoopJumper can help you. You don’t have to worry about hours of editing, optimizing and posting – we can do that for you.


Just record the video or audio on your iPhone/Smartphone with the above guidelines and let HoopJumper® do the rest.

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