Do you know how important it is that you build your brand using social media?


While having a website is still essential to your business, social media is the best gateway to introduce your business to your target audience.


Social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook are some of the best areas to fish for potential clients or customers.


In April 2022, Facebook reported that it had 2.936 billion monthly active users, while Instagram and LinkedIn had roughly one billion and 810 million active users.


With these statistics, you should, by now, understand that social media is one of the best places to build your brand because of the number of leads that you can potentially reach.


In our previous post, we’ve established the importance of brand consistency in every communication channel, and this rings true in social media.


Consistency In Brand Messaging


It is important to send the same message so your clients, customers and leads more easily remember your brand.


Of course, the challenges to build your brand in social media vary, because each social media platform does have its own way of addressing its audience.

For example, Instagram and Tiktok cater to the younger generation and a more casual audience, while LinkedIn is more formal in nature. Therefore, you will be using a different approach when posting on Instagram compared to LinkedIn.


This doesn’t mean that you should be pressured when you build your brand in the various social media platforms.


Here are five steps that we believe can help you convey your message consistently when posting on different social media platforms.


Identify Your Brand Message


This cannot be said enough. What is your brand all about? What problems in society is your business solving? Does your brand bring something to your customers or clients?


These are just some of the questions that you need to think about when constructing your brand message. Once you have created the message, you have to tweak it so that it becomes more memorable and visual to your audience.


Incorporate Your Brand Message To Your Posts


Once your brand message is set, it’s time to make sure your posts carry the message so you can build your brand and maintain its consistency across all your social media platforms.


Creating an editorial calendar to schedule your posts is very helpful because it allows you to track what posts you need to do and when it should be posted. This will also help you map out the posts so you can make sure that your brand message appears in all of them, whether they be direct or subtle.


Make Use of Hashtags


Hashtags are essential for social media posts when you build your brand. They enable you to join conversations, attracting more followers which can be converted into leads.


It is good to build a list of hashtags so that when you post you don’t have to think about what hashtags you’ll need to put on your post. Incorporate hashtags that you know are trending, then add in hashtags that are unique to your brand.


Don’t Forget The Essentials


When planning your posts, keep in mind that you’re not just sending your message via the words that will appear on the post: you’ll also need your logo, your images, taglines, and handles to contain your brand identity.


Follow The Social Media Guidelines


As mentioned earlier, each social media platform has its own style and guidelines, so it’s important to invest in things that will make it easier for you to create posts that will meet the platform’s guidelines.




Your business should have its own brand identity. And you should build your brand using your social media platforms to boost your marketing efforts.


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