Are you using virtual tour videos for your marketing?


If you haven’t started using this kind of video, then don’t get left out!

Virtual tour videos are useful for showcasing your area of service, your business premises, or any other location that you want to feature to your leads without them needing to actually be there physically.


Virtual tours have grown in popularity these past two years due to the pandemic, allowing leads, customers and clients to view location features in spite of not being able to go out of their own homes.


And even though the communities are starting to open up, allowing people to roam around, they have already gotten used to online tours, making this method still lucrative.


HoopJumper can help you make some really good virtual tours to increase your views online.


Who benefits from virtual tour videos?


Virtual tours are often associated with Real Estate agents because of how often they use it in showcasing their listings. But do you know that there are a lot more uses of virtual tour videos?


The primary purpose of virtual tour videos is to establish more credibility for your business through transparency.


Here are some of the best ways to use virtual tours to boost your marketing.


Community Tours


One of the best ways to showcase your business is to feature the community that your business is in. This is especially useful for service or tourism-oriented businesses because it showcases the beauty of your community.


Aside from this, you can also use community tours to help your viewers find their way around your community – where the nearest parks are, the nearest restaurants, etc…


Other purposes for community tours are to showcase the neighborhoods, the people living in that community, and to feature the history of your community.


Inside The Business Tours

Want your leads or customers to know what happens in your office during the day? Then create a virtual tour of your day-to-day activities.


Inside the business tours let your viewers see the goings on in your business. Whether it be inside the office, inside the factory, or inside the kitchen, going around showing your viewers brings a sense of transparency, which is beneficial for your business.


You can even throw in a few interviews with your employees along the way!


The most important thing here is to use inside the business virtual tour videos to build trust between you and your viewers. This makes them more susceptible to your marketing.


Property Walk-Throughs


Similar to a community tour, albeit more confined to a specific property, these types of virtual tour videos let your viewers see and experience what it’s like to move through that property.


Property walk-throughs don’t just work for real estate agents; they are also similar to inside the business tours, so say, if you are a tour business, then showing the inside of a museum or a tourist spot will also work.

Picking The Best Virtual Tour Video Equipment


Many business owners tend to avoid doing virtual tour videos because they think they need expensive and complicated gear.


This is far from reality. If you have a smartphone with a panoramic camera, or a good video camera, you can go ahead and shoot the video tour.


“But what about the final product?” You ask.


This is where HoopJumper comes in. You don’t have to deal with hours of editing, optimizing and posting  your virtual tour videos.


We’ll take your raw video, edit it by adding an Episode Thumbnail image, insert your animated logo intro/outro with voiceovers, and export a completed high resolution tour video perfect for placing on any platform.


Want to know more? Check out our Video Service packages and start using virtual tours to boost your marketing!