How is your personal branding this year?


Do you know that your business’ branding and YOUR personal branding are different?


When you market your business, you are actually marketing two brands: your business’ and your own personal brand.


Knowing when to identify these two brands as separate is important because while some businesses revolve around the owner (like coaching services, consultation services, etc…), most businesses stand out on their own, apart from their owner or founder.


So why is it important that aside from building your business’ brand, you also boost your personal branding?


We believe the most important reason is this: people rely on personality.


Leads, customers and clients engage with a business much better when they have a face that they can remember.


Your personal brand adds a “personal” touch to any deal you make in your business. It adds a sense of credibility and humanity in every engagement or transaction.


This is the reason why almost every major business out there has a name that is always attached to it: Kevin Feige for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steve Jobs for Apple – even KFC has Colonel Sanders!


Boosting your personal branding alongside your business branding is crucial to your business’ success.


Here are seven areas to look at when boosting your personal brand.


1. Brand Statement

You may already have this, or you may not have even thought about this yet, but having a separate statement for your personal brand is important if you want to boost it. It doesn’t have to be too different from your business brand, especially since you are going to be the face of your business.


2. Logo

Having a personal logo can also help you boost your personal brand. Again, since people like to interact more with a person than with a business, it would be a good thing to have your own logo that you can attach to your business.


3. Blogs

Build your identity around your written blogs by selecting a template and writing format that people would immediately recognize you for. Having a voice on topics around your area of expertise will help you boost your personal branding by establishing you as an expert in that field.


4. Vlogs

Vlogs are often touted to be the “visual” version of blogs, but they are more than that. Because vlogs are visual, they are able to show significantly more than what words can express. Similar to blogs, in order to boost your personal brand via vlogs, they need to stand out. You need to develop a style that would make people recognize your brand immediately right as the video starts.


5. Social Media Profile

When talking about your social media profiles, we aren’t just talking about your social media pages – even your posts need to have a pattern that your audience will recognize. Take a look at this example of a series of social media posts on Instagram that when looked at as a group, form an interesting pattern.



6. Live Speaking Engagements

Showcasing your speaking engagements in front of a live audience will make you look more credible to your audiences. When you get a chance to present your field of expertise at an event, don’t hesitate. That will not only increase your exposure, but it will also establish your name and brand.


7. Webinars

Similar to live speaking engagements but digital in nature and much more common these days, webinars are magnets for credibility and attention that you should take advantage of for your personal brand.


Improving and boosting your personal branding is no overnight task, but when done properly, it does wonders for you and your business.


Your personal brand has to stand out. When people recognize you as the go-to in your field of work, they will automatically be drawn to your marketing strategies.


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