How many testimonial videos are you using to market your brand?

Testimonials have grown in popularity as an effective marketing tool, so if you haven’t been using them for your business, don’t get left behind!

After all, a customer’s testimonial is like a badge of pride for your business – you’re showcasing to the world how fantastic your products/services are by letting your customers tell other people about you.

Their testimonials announce to the world that your product/service solved their problem and made a positive impact in their life.

Additionally, customer/client testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating of content marketing systems, up to 89%.

The best part about video testimonials is how you can “brag” about them to the world. You build more authenticity and credibility with video testimonials.

Let’s take a look at seven reasons we believe you should use video testimonials to market your business.

Let’s go!


Reason #1: Video Testimonials Are Easier To Remember

According to statistics, videos have a 95% retention rate.  Conveying messages through videos will make them more likely to get remembered, which will then lead to more conversions along the way.

Think about your favorite movies. It’s not surprising if you still remember the dialogue because aside from hearing the speech, the visuals that come with it helps in imprinting that scene in your brain.

Now let’s apply that to testimonial videos.

Let’s say a lead visits your website and sees one of the customer testimonials on your homepage. They are more likely to actually engage with it if it’s a video than if it’s just plain text.


Reason #2: Testimonial Videos Are More Human And Convey Emotions

What makes video testimonials easy to remember is that they are visually appealing and tug all the right heartstrings.

Because of its visual element, the video testimonial helps bring out more of the subject’s emotion, which in turn creates this space of authenticity for the viewer.

The customer’s posture, tone of voice, and facial expressions together invoke the audience’s emotion, and create a foundation for a video that has maximum impact.

When you compare this to a written testimonial, video just has significantly more impact in the audience’s decision making process.

In a written testimonial, the viewer has the responsibility to interpret what the text means. With a video, you are able to convey that message with utmost authenticity and humanity.


Reason #3: Video Testimonials Do More In Terms Of Branding

According to a study done by BigCommerce Inc, “72% of people say that they are able to trust a business more by reading positive reviews and testimonial videos.

It’s not really that surprising, isn’t it. With videos, you are able to plug in as much of your brand as you can, thus helping people become more aware of it.

And when people consistently get reminded of how great your products/services are via testimonial videos, it helps them remember your brand better.

You gain more credibility in your field of expertise, which would then make you the go-to brand for what they need.

As more people watch your video testimonials (where the branding, of course, is consistent), you get a higher rate of conversions.


Reason #4: Testimonial Videos Convert More Leads

It’s all about building trust and credibility with your lead. If you want to convert them into a client, you need to make them believe that if they do business with you, they’ll never regret it.

This is the marketer’s ultimate goal – to turn leads into customers.

As mentioned in the other reasons above, since video testimonials excel at bringing the humanity of the message through its visuals, it creates an air of authenticity because the viewer then realizes that an actual human being is telling them about your business.

Worded testimonials do not have that powerful of an effect.


Reason #5: Video Testimonials Are Aren’t Difficult To Create

Some business owners might think that creating testimonial videos isn’t worth their time because it would require high production costs – nothing could be further from the truth.

All you need to get your customer’s testimonial on video is to have them record themselves on a smartphone and talk about how great your products or services are.

No need for those heavy, expensive cameras.

Videos taken this way appear more authentic because they come from real customers, real people.

And with partners like HoopJumper Video Services, you’ll won’t need to spend too much time in making your video look good – we’ll do that for you.


Reason #6: Testimonial Videos Get Engaged More

People sharing videos is not a passing fad – it’s been here since videos were first invented. According to statistics, 92% of people watching videos share it with their family and friends without thinking twice.

In addition to this, people love engaging with videos. This is especially true if your video is less than 4 minutes, considering how people’s attention spans aren’t as long as they used to be.

If you have a very interesting video testimonial, you can even add forms or questions after the video to make your audience engage more with you.


Reason #7: Video Testimonials Have A Higher Scope Of Storytelling

Due to how busy the world is today, people can’t give written testimonials the same amount of focus that they should be, especially if the testimonial is too long for them to read.

With videos, however, they can give half of their attention and still get the message because even if they don’t see the video, they can still hear the audio of the customer giving your business a great review.

This opens up more opportunities for your clients or customers to talk more about your product or service.

They can get more personal, emotional, and descriptive about how great their experience was in dealing with your business.

This opens up the gate for storytelling.

With this, your customers have the freedom to expand more on their testimonial by including more details that you wouldn’t be able to put in a written testimonial because it would make the text look very long.

It gives a broader picture of your product or service to your audience, and they can connect with your brand more deeply.


Where This All Leads

It’s not difficult to see how powerful of a marketing tool customer/client testimonial videos are. You should be using more of them for your business.

Of course, with how busy you are, you may be thinking, “I can get my clients to send me video testimonials, but how about making them look good for YouTube?”

Don’t fret. HoopJumper will take care of that for you.

Just record a short video or audio on your iPhone/Smartphone and let HoopJumper do the rest.

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