The holiday season is here, and in this blog we’ll talk about some ideas for Christmas video marketing that you can use.

What better way to take advantage of the holiday than by producing Christmas-themed video content!

Not only can you use these for marketing, but these Christmas videos can also help boost your brand and make it personal.

As you should have noticed by now, 93% of consumers find video helpful when purchasing a product.

So to help you make the most of holiday marketing this year, HoopJumper has put together a list of Christmas video marketing ideas to help you reach potential customers this holiday season.

If you’re ready to light up the season with your videos, then let’s begin.


Video Marketing Idea #1. Christmas Promotion

Christmas video marketing has one primary goal: to get more sales. And to encourage your target customers and leads to buy, it would be wise to set up a promotion for the holiday.

The promotion can be a special deal, or a discount depending on what product or service you are offering.

Not only does this entice current customers into making returning purchases, but they can also refer other potential customers due to the discounts that they will get, especially if your product or service is good.

This type of video works best when it’s run as an ad targeted specifically at current customers or people interested in topics related to your product.

A holiday promotion doesn’t have to be a sale. You could offer gift wrapping, free shipping, or other non-discount-related promos. Check out our blog post on holiday promotion ideas for inspiration.


Video Marketing Idea #2. Annual Holiday Sale

Is there an annual sale you’re building your holiday marketing plan around? Make sure it gets the attention it deserves by highlighting it with video.

Christmas season is one of the best seasons to promote an annual sale, so don’t get left behind and start your own annual holiday sale.

As you’re creating your holiday videos, make sure your brand doesn’t go unnoticed. Add your own logo, brand colors, and font to your videos so your audiences never forget you.


Video Marketing Idea #3. Christmas Greeting

Christmas is the time of giving, and giving gratitude is an amazing gift to give to your customers and clients, who chose you among the dozens of providers or vendors out there.

This Christmas, use video to let them know how grateful you are for them with a warm Thank You. Incorporating thoughtful holiday messaging into your organic video marketing is a great way to humanize the brand.

You can also use this opportunity to include a teaser featuring any upcoming holiday sales you want to promote.

Try boosting the video as a targeted ad for a list of people that have purchased from you in the past to get your video in front of your loyal customers.

Seeing your video greeting in their news feeds will keep you top of mind when it matters most – when they’re thinking about their holiday shopping!


Video Marketing Idea #4. Fun Social Video

This type of video isn’t necessarily for getting more sales, but it leads to that anyway. Fun social videos are designed to entertain, inspire, or educate with Christmas content that audiences will not only find value in, but also enjoy to watch.

What’s great about videos like this is that it showcases that you’re not all about just selling your products or services – you’re here to provide real value to your community.


Video Marketing Idea #5: Our Company’s Year

Christmas lies at the end of the year, so wouldn’t this be a wonderful time to recap some of the highlights from this entire year for your company?

You can share some of the major milestones you’ve accomplished, awards you received, and other major company news that you think will be relevant to your target audience.

By talking about your company’s year, you are able to solidify trust with your existing customers. You can also use this as a way to plant seeds for gift ideas by mentioning top products.


Ready To Make Your Christmas Videos?

Now that you have an idea of what kinds of videos you want to showcase this Christmas season, let’s talk about how these videos will play into your overall marketing strategy.

Here are two key ways to track your video marketing success this season.

Goal Setting

While getting people interested in your products or services is a primary goal in your holiday marketing, you are also actually accomplishing these other goals:

  • Creating connections and engaging with customers
  • Offering products that make great gifts
  • Sharing your expertise
  • Attracting new social media followers
  • Attracting new visitors to your website

Measuring the Results

Once you understand the goals that you are setting, it’s also important to measure whether you were able to meet the target goals by having a standard for your results to compare to.

Since we’re talking about Christmas videos, here are some ideas for your video goals:

  • Post at least __ holiday videos
  • Increase video views by __%
  • Increase reactions by __%
  • Increase shares by __%


In Conclusion

Your Christmas video marketing campaign is going to be a huge asset to bring in more followers, and ultimately, more clients/customers.

Of course, it’s not surprising if you feel a bit hesitant on taking on this task as you might be thinking about all the complexities that come with producing video content.

This is where HoopJumper steps in for you.

You don’t have to spend hours of editing, optimizing and posting trying to become a video star.

Just record a short video or audio on your iPhone/Smartphone and let HoopJumper® do the rest.

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