Vlogging has evolved from simple “meme-filled” content to becoming one of the most important marketing channels today.

Whether it’s a 30-second ad, vlog or live footage, featured videos in your content is one of the most popular and effective ways to engage your audience.

Are you taking advantage of the world’s most marketable form of media?

If your answer is yes, then you’re one step closer to seeing success!

If your answer is not yet, then don’t fret. You’re not too far out.

Right now, video is preferred by 80% of people over written text and is already being used by 87% of businesses as a marketing tool.

In addition to this, 88% of consumers have been convinced by a marketing video to purchase products and services, according to research.

Knowing this, you shouldn’t let yourself be left out when it comes to the most important trends in vlogging for 2023.

Let’s begin.


Vlogging Trend #1: Live Video

In 2020, live video gained immense importance as in-person events and experiences were affected by the pandemic. Brands of all sizes adopted live video as a crucial tool to stay connected with consumers. Today, the notion of streamable content has changed dramatically.

Live video is being leveraged by influencers, music artists, Broadway companies, and more. For content marketers, live video should be a top priority in 2023’s video marketing trends. As life returns to normal, demand for live video content continues to rise.

Consumers have a higher engagement rate with live video compared to pre-recorded content. For instance, on Facebook, live videos are watched 3x longer and generate 6x more interactions. Despite this, only 28% of video marketers plan to use Facebook Live. B2B marketers, however, are reporting success with video email marketing.

In conclusion, brands can increase engagement and gain a competitive edge by embracing live video now.


Vlogging Trend #2: Smartphone Production

The era of requiring high-cost equipment and large production budgets for video marketing is gone. Even big brands are opting for smartphones to create more personal and genuine content.

Apple’s #ShotOniPhone campaign serves as a perfect example. They invited users to submit their best iPhone photos for the opportunity to have them displayed on an Apple advertisement or billboard.

The campaign received over 15 million submissions, proving that smartphone video content can be just as captivating as traditional media.

Social media influencers have even surpassed experienced video marketers in producing top-notch smartphone videos. From flawlessly edited TikToks to sponsored advertisements, amateur content creators are currently leading the way.

Brands have taken notice and are now recognizing the impact of real-life content on consumers, surpassing the usual salesy ads.

If you’ve been holding back on creating video content due to a lack of equipment, don’t worry. All you need is inspiration and the smartphone in your hand.


Vlogging Trend #3: Search-Optimized Videos

The concept of SEO is not novel, however, what about optimizing videos for search engines? Recent findings by Forrester indicate that videos have a 53 times higher chance of appearing on the first page of search results compared to traditional SEO techniques. Brightedge reveals that Google now displays video snippets next to 26% of search results, and users are more likely to click on them.

So how can you harness the power of videos to enhance your search engine rankings? Pay attention to three critical areas: relevance, consistency, and backend optimization.

First and foremost, ensure that your videos have a well-defined purpose. Make them relevant to your target audience by addressing their questions, educating them on relevant topics related to your brand, and creating engaging video content.

Second, maintain consistency. Like traditional SEO, consistency is a crucial factor in boosting your search engine rankings. Produce video content regularly and publish it on your website to drive traffic.

Finally, don’t overlook technical optimization steps such as title tags, keywords in descriptions, selecting appropriate thumbnail images, and engaging with comments to increase interaction.


Vlogging Trend #4: Vlogs

Brand storytelling is a powerful tool for building connections with consumers and engaging your audience.

Vlogs, or video blogs, are an excellent medium for telling these stories.

They provide a platform for sharing tutorials and product information, which increases the likelihood of engagement and conversions. In fact, 94% of respondents reported that watching brand videos helped them make a purchase decision.

Vlogging is a cost-effective way to educate your audience about your products and services.

Through vlogs, brands and creators can present themselves as the main character, offering a first-person perspective on topics, events, and experiences. This helps consumers better understand the brand’s personality and values.

Influencers have already embraced vlogging and have created a wide range of vlogs covering topics from parenting to pet care to travel.

They have raised the bar for traditional bloggers and demonstrated that text-only narratives are no longer enough to keep audiences engaged.

Despite the popularity of vlogging, the majority of content is produced by individual creators. It is time for brands to take advantage of this video marketing trend and create a human connection with their audience through vlogs.

Vlogs provide an opportunity to showcase the brand’s personality, build relationships with consumers, and keep them coming back for more content.


Vlogging Trend #5: Social Media Stories

Like vlogs, social media stories show a brand’s personality and create a more personal connection than other content marketing trends. But social media stories aren’t exactly the same.

Mainly, they’re meant to be more casual. If vlogs are an edited version of your brand’s overarching tale, social media stories are the day to day outtakes that don’t belong in the final version (but that everyone still wants to see).

Social media stories also offer tons of ways to get interactive with your consumers. Use the questions feature on Instagram to do Q&A with your audience. Post polls to get their input on products and ideas.

Ask customers to tag you in their own stories so you can share the ways they’re wearing or using your products.


In Conclusion

The 5 vlogging trends listed above can definitely help you not only build your audience list, but it can also provide the connection you need for your leads to convert them to becoming customers.


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