The new font trends for 2023 are set to revolutionize the world of graphic design.

The upcoming trends are characterized by a strong nostalgic flavor, reminiscent of the past.

Despite the unifying theme, the nature of nostalgia in these trends is diverse, with some fonts evoking happy memories, others embracing a dark futuristic vibe, and still others striving to recapture a lost elegance.

This trend may stem from the increased online presence we have experienced due to the pandemic. With all historical periods readily available digitally, designers are drawing inspiration from various time frames.

The current political climate, with its associated wars and economic challenges, may also be fueling these trends. People are seeking solace in the past as an escape from the uncertainties of the present.

Regardless of the reason, 2023 promises to be another exciting year in the world of font trends.

Let’s begin.


Font Trends #1: Goth Fonts

Gothic-style fonts commonly utilized in mall-themed design often showcase angular lines, hazy outlines, full-black illustrations, and graphical embellishments such as barbed wire, chains, and skulls.

The mall goth trend’s widespread appeal can be traced back to the resurgence of punk-inspired graphic design.

It reflects a growing sentiment of anti-establishment expression in response to economic hardship and political systems that perpetuate it.

This trend is not simply a nostalgic nod to the past, but rather, it seamlessly integrates elements from the contemporary digital landscape into its designs.

If you want to blend mainstream appeal with a touch of edginess, the mall goth trend is the perfect choice for you.

Font Trends #2: Variable Fonts

The font selection available today is vast and comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. However, traditional fonts are fixed, meaning their letterforms are predetermined and saved in a software file.

As digital presence gains importance for brands, more and more fonts in 2023 are becoming variable.

This style of font is not necessarily new but is gaining popularity, not just because it’s playful, but also because it’s interactive and dynamic.

In the era of advanced digital technologies like VR, brands must keep up with the changing times and engage their audiences by being more dynamic and entertaining.

In a world filled with negativity, variable fonts help keep brands from appearing outdated and stale, showing that they can adapt to different situations without losing their identity.


Font Trends #3: Art Deco

As we embark on the new era of the roaring 20s, the 1920s romanticism is experiencing a resurgence in design.

In line with this, 2023’s font trends are showcasing reinterpretations of Art Deco lettering.

Art Deco fonts were once characterized by their tall sans-serifs, which blended straight lines with aerodynamic curves, reflecting the iconic skyscrapers and zeppelins of the time.

However, designers in 2023 are not just copying the style, but instead are giving it a modern twist through the use of digital techniques.

These Art Deco-inspired fonts range from those with almost computer glitches to those that adopt a minimalist approach by toning down their decorative elements.


Font Trends #4: Bright Red

The traditional fonts in design are usually displayed in solid black or white, but in 2023, bright red is becoming a popular option, especially for retro and minimalist cartoon designs.

The use of red lettering has a historical significance and is often associated with important phrases.

This is why red is traditionally used sparingly, but in these designs, designers are opting for full red coverage.

The minimalist approach allows the use of bold colors without overpowering the design.

Moreover, this trend adds energy and personality to light-hearted characters by pairing them with the color red.

In the past, comic strips were printed in black, but the shift to brighter red tones conveys a message of positivity, excitement, and joy.


Font Trends #5: Vintage Narrow Serifs

Narrow serifs with a vintage aesthetic exude a timeless charm. Their tall stature gives them a regal quality, while their thin lines exude a delicate touch.

This creates a balance of strength and grace. To add a touch of individuality, many vintage narrow serifs feature small flourishes such as italicized letters, graceful descenders, and decorative terminals.

This font trend combines classic elegance with surprising touches of personality, making it a timeless choice for designs that want to convey sophistication and style.


Font Trends #6: Mashups

Designers in 2023 are no longer satisfied with just restyling the same letters and characters in different ways.

They are now pushing the boundaries of lettering design by incorporating icons, doodles, and abstract shapes into their fonts.

These eclectic fonts draw inspiration from the iconography of the early 2000s, fusing liquid chrome trends with a playful twist on distorted fonts. They have a youthful and rebellious vibe, reminiscent of a DIY aesthetic.

Although these fonts may break traditional design rules, they are energetic and playful, giving off a cheeky rather than destructive energy.

These fonts reject uniformity and embrace chaos, appealing to audiences who believe that even our letters should reflect the diversity and unpredictability of the world around us.

They present a fresh and dynamic take on lettering design, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


Font Trends #7: Distorted Fonts

The objective of a font is to be as comprehensible and readable as possible, often at its finest when the reader is unaware of its presence.

However, the designers of 2023 have introduced distorted fonts that are close to being unreadable.

These are typefaces that are either covered by images or have letterforms that are distorted beyond recognition.

One advantage of these fonts is that they grab attention, as the reader must concentrate and use surrounding information to understand their message.

More significantly, this trend conveys a moody atmosphere, creating the illusion that something is not quite right.

In conclusion, this trend is best suited for projects where the text needs to be engaged with in a non-traditional manner, such as interactive experiences or situations where the concept of distortion is the main attraction.


In Conclusion

Keeping up with the latest font trends will greatly help in your marketing, because it will attract your visitors to stay on your site longer.

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