In this week’s blog, we will talk about creative video marketing ideas that you should be taking advantage of for your business.

Video marketing is the most dominant form of marketing today, and because many businesses are already doing it, social media and other streaming platforms are becoming inundated with video content competing for audiences’ attention.

For a business owner or independent professional such as yours, finding unique and creative video marketing ideas is a must to stand out.

Rehashing old video content isn’t enough anymore – you need to put some new twists to attract your target audience.

Creativity is the name of the game, and the more outstanding your videos are, the more you’ll get your audience’s attention.

With that said, let’s look at 15 of these creative video marketing ideas that you should take advantage of.

Let’s begin.


Instructional Videos

These types of videos provide a lot of value, and are therefore some of the most searched for videos online.

Products that require assembly, or services where you can create instructions for are some of the things you can use to create content of this sort.


Ranking Videos

People love ranking things, so when you produce content that has the word “top” at the start, you are sure to get the comments section rolling.

Not only do ranking videos drum up the attention that you need, they also set you up as an expert in your field, thus giving you credibility.



Webinars are a great video marketing idea which allows you to interact directly with your audience. In fact, the average webinar draws about 260 attendees.

This face-to-face interaction and the chance to hear directly from your audience isn’t something you’ll want to miss.


Video Classes

Want to showcase your expertise in such a way that it would attract your target audience to you?

Create video classes and set them up so that only those who sign up for them get access to them.

Once the classes conclude, create snippets or reels from your video classes and post them on your social media pages to get more signups for the next class.


Behind The Scenes

One of the most defining characteristics of this generation of buyers is their desire for genuine content.

Giving your audiences a peek at your production process or how you interact with your team during the day is a great way to showcase the human side of your business.


Weekly Video Series

This is perfect for professionals whose business or career revolves in them being able to share a lot of value via video.

Think of this like a shorter form of a podcast. Not only are you giving valuable information to your audience, but you are also keeping them hooked, waiting eagerly for the next episode.


Expert Interviews

Sit downs with well-known experts in your industry is another way of building credibility.

Not only does this help increase your audience because you are bringing your expert’s followers to watch your video, but at the same time you are also helping the expert increase his or her reach.



This doesn’t really need a lot of explanation. Promoting your product or service is as important as breathing if you want your business to thrive.

And with the advancements in video capture technology, you no longer have to invest too heavily on expensive equipment just to get good video output.


Company Culture

This type of video serves two purposes: to show your customers or clients how motivated your team is because of the culture that you have at work, and this also entices prospects to work for you.


Customer/Client Interviews

These types of videos serve two purposes: promotion by word of mouth, as well as testimonials.

When you do interviews with your customers or clients, it builds trust with your target audience because now, someone else is promoting you.


Product/Service Highlights

Are you proud of your product or service? Then make a video about it! Use video to put an emphasis on how your product or service is unique, and how it stands out among the competition.


Thank You Videos

There’s no better way of saying “thank you” to your customers and clients than video (maybe except when you do it personally, but thats’ our point exactly).

Your audience can literally see you thank them, which adds more humanity to the message because it’s in video.


Team Interviews

Want to showcase to your audience how great of a team you belong to? Team interviews not only expand on your company’s culture, but it tells your audience that you have a great product or service because you have a team that is happy and motivated to work every day.


Video Tours

Inviting your audience to a tour of your office, warehouse or property (if you’re selling real estate or yachts) is a great way to make them feel involved in the process.

It also brings an air of honesty and integrity because they are seeing how you are doing your business.


Holiday Greetings

You will never go wrong with doing holiday greetings. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentines, or any other special occasion, make your audience’s day extra special by sending them a warm greeting via video.


In Conclusion

Video marketing is one of the primary ways to attract your target audience, and you need to do a lot more of it.

It’s safe to say that if you are not doing video marketing, then you’re wasting a good chunk of opportunity.

Now you may be thinking: “All of these ideas are good, but I don’t have time to make beautiful videos.”

That’s where HoopJumper comes in.

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