“We Jump Through Hoops For You!”™

The idea of HoopJumper began in the early 2000’s. Co-founder Brett Miller was the Web Division Director at what was one of the top marketing companies for real estate agents. At a live event, a client of that company expressed his frustration with the long wait times to reach customer support or to get anything done with his marketing campaign. The gentleman then stated “I’m always being asked to jump through so many hoops. Why can’t somebody jump through hoops for me?”

Brett felt the pain of this real estate professional and began to brainstorm about what could be possible for the clients. Brett dreamed up a vision of an Internet Marketing Company for professional real estate agents and small business owners, that would “jump through hoops” for their clients and set them up for success on the web, and the word “HoopJumper” was originated.

After three months, Brett joined forces with real estate coach and small business trainer, Cheri Alguire, and “HoopJumper” was conceived with the core business statement of “We jump through hoops for you.” A dream of top notch customer service, development and training that goes way beyond just web sites.

Today, over 10 years after the the creation of this vision, HoopJumper has, in fact, turned into the Internet Technology Partner and Marketing Company for a number of the best real estate agents and small business owners in the country. The team at HoopJumper has grown over the years, yet everybody at HoopJumper, including the Customer Care Coordinators, Artists, Designers, Programmers, Search Engine Optimization Team Members, Social Media Team Members, Coaches, and Consultants, ALL know and work to fulfill the original mission set out by the founder and they are still “jumping through hoops” for their clients on a daily basis.

While many marketing companies were not able to survive the recession of the late 2000s and had to close up shop, HoopJumper was able to see growth, by helping its’ clients thrive during a time when many real estate agents and small businesses were struggling.

HoopJumper celebrated its tenth anniversary in business in 2015 after an entire decade of building the best real estate agent and small business sites on the web. HoopJumper now incorporates all parts of Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing Training and Done-For-You Services for busy real estate agents and small business owners that allows them to not only compete, but surpass their goals and competition year after year.

HoopJumper has developed into a full Real Estate and Small Business Marketing Company that gives innovative solutions for Effective Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Campaigns that convert, Full Branding and Design Services, Logos, Relationship Marketing and Internet Marketing Coaching for real estate agents and small business owners on the best way to make quantum leaps forward in their business.

Agent Revamp

Eighty percent of Real Estate Agents will fail and be out of business by their two year anniversary. If they do make it to that milestone, many are spending more than they making and their business is in the red, a far cry from the vision of time and financial freedom they dreamed of.

If you are a Real Estate Agent, you are a business owner and you must conduct yourself in that way in order to make it. You may be a business of one, but you are running a business, not just working in a sales career. Sales is definitely a part of what you do, and we do talk about sales and “Sales Scripting” in this book, however, it is important as a business owner to figure out what you need to do to revamp your business to provide the success you want and deserve. This book will walk you through revamping your real estate business.

The authors have taken brand new agents to a level of success many veterans are envious of, as well as helped top producers go on to superstar status. No matter what your personal and business goals are, no matter what your background is, no matter what area you live in, you can have the success you desire, as long as you are willing to go through the process and revamp your business.

Grab your copy of this book, today!

Brett Miller

Brett Miller is the Founder and President of HoopJumper LLC, a Marketing, Training and Internet Technology Company for entrepreneurial real estate agents, independant brokers, sales professionals and small business owners.

Before HoopJumper, Brett was the Web Division Director at what was the premier Real Estate Agent Marketing Agency out of Newport Beach, California.

Brett has been making websites since 1994 when he was a beta tester for Adobe’s Pagemill, the first website creation software for consumers at the time.  He was hooked!  He loved internet marketing!

However, his love of marketing and branding started while still a child.  He loved going to the stores and seeing all of the different logos on shelves while shopping with his mother.  He would then come home and redesign them with his color crayons and colored pencils.

Even in his twenties when he was involved in the music industry, Brett was just as excited, if not more excited, about the branding and promoting of the bands, than he was about the music itself.

All of these past experiences are the building blocks of his mastery of marketing.  Brett’s passion for this industry is apparent in every conversation you will have with him.  He is the marketing professional you deserve on your team!

Cheri Alguire

As a Business Marketing Coach, Cheri Alguire has worked with hundreds of Real Estate Agents, Sales Professionals and Small Business Owners to create a plan for their business, marketing and their life!

As an accomplished business professional, entrepreneur, and top producing real estate agent herself, Cheri knows how tough it can be to try to get more leads from marketing, while trying to work IN the business also. Having a clear plan is the only way go!

Cheri is the mother of three grown children, and has created a life of freedom and adventure for herself where she can travel, hike, visit National and State Parks and meet people from all over the US and World.

Cheri’s biggest passion is helping others discover what freedom means for them and helping her clients create a plan to achieve this in their business and their life.