Your business may have its logo design, color scheme, font style, and website design. All these are essential to your business’s marketing identity, but did you know that your company brand is more than its designs and aesthetics? You are probably asking what strong branding can do for you and your company? A well-established brand makes people look for your business. A strong brand increases your customer’s loyalty and retention A consistent brand places your company at a competitive advantage And the list goes on! In this blog post, we will discuss your brand’s purpose and the seven essential questions
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Is your branding now old and boring? After a game changing 2020 that saw businesses either going out of business, or innovating, we are all now moving into a post-pandemic world where everything that came before 2020 is now old-school. This means established brands that may have been successful in years past are now scrambling to update their brand. Here’s a sample of many big name companies that have updated their brands to appeal to newer consumers: When HoopJumper opened our doors in 2005, our complete focus was in designing and managing great real estate agent websites. Now 16 years
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How much engagement are you getting on social media? Your social media posts are nice and eye-catching, but is that converting into actual engagements that turn your viewers into prospects? If yes, then great! You’re getting the right results from your social media posts. If not, then maybe it’s time to review your posts and find the chinks in the chain. One of the most important parts of a social media post is the “hashtag” you put on your posts. Are your social media postings flooded with irrelevant #hashtags? If you don’t know how to use hashtags properly, your brand’s
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Lots has happened in Social Media during the last 30 days! Have you been keeping up? Don’t worry, we have collected and explained 3 of the top Social Media News Headlines from the past month and how they could affect your social media strategy or digital marketing. . #1: Instagram’s new Insights for Reels and Live If you are utilizing these video features on Instagram, then you probably know how frustrating it was to see your results. Instagram Added New Engagement Insights for Reels and Instagram Live Broadcasts.  This new range of metrics will give you a close look at
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Having the best video blogging ideas and content for your brand seems like an out-of-the-box idea in a product marketing sense nowadays. So doing something that you love, as video blogging for your brand, should be easy. However, the question is, what’s your vlog content all about? Is it relevant to your brand? Exploring new ideas and content is what fuels you to try different concepts. Being able to capture your brand’s content through your camera or smartphone just fills your creative side. Whether you’re trying out new things or optimizing your brand’s awareness, vlogging done right can get you
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Where are you placing videos on your website? Videos are perfect for developing engagement, improving rankings, gaining leads, and enhancing websites. With that said, it’s important to identify the right place to add your marketing videos on your website, as it also represents the business’ brand. However, businesses that understand how to educate and better inform customers, also know where to place marketing videos appropriately. This entails the business knowing what they want to achieve using these videos. To help you increase customer engagement, brand awareness, and maximize business, this post covers where to place videos on a website strategically
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Have you been keeping up with the small but constant changes being made on your favorite social media profiles? Being a social media user and a business owner, it often becomes a chore to stay updated with things as simple as image sizes and ratios for all the social media platforms. No need to worry! We compiled a list of some of the most recommended image sizes into this blog so you don’t have to go searching. Overview (if you read nothing else, READ THIS SECTION): For your profile photo across all platforms, 1:1 is the way to go, and
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Are you having a hard time promoting products, goods, or even services? You can’t even think of offering such a product or service to the public because of the competition? Or even blankly staring at your social media platforms because it lacks impact? This is because the world changes for the advancement of digital marketing and the uprising of online businesses. More business-related progressions and engagements could affect your brand’s awareness. Having said that, digital marketing is a priority. Thousands and millions are virtually connected. Because the trend is – clients are staying online and checking everything online. Prospect clients
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Lots can happen in the realm of social media marketing in 30 days. These updates might affect you! So I’ve put together the top 3 headlines from April that you need to know about. #1: Apple iOS Update You might already know about it, and if you follow HoopJumper then you’ve been preparing for it… Apple has released the iOS 14.5 update that will let iOS users opt out of basic tracking.  This App Tracking Transparency feature is great for user experience but will limit the amount of tracking and retargeting advertisers can do on Facebook, browsers, and other iOS
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How are you doing with your social media marketing? Do you need help with what kind of posts you should make to engage your leads and prospects? Because of the vast ocean of social media content available online today, most consumers are difficult to impress or surprise. Getting their attention has significantly become harder compared to a decade ago. This doesn’t mean you should give up on making social media content. You just need to innovate – by constantly experimenting with different types of content and formats of delivery, you can better market your products or services via more channels
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