Book Writing

Writing a Book

We have helped several real estate agents and brokers write a book, get it published and take it to #1 Best Selling Status. This has helped them explode their business!

It is not about selling books and being an author, it is about being a known expert. It is about being the person that has literally “wrote the book about…” selling homes in your market, or about how to choose the best dog for your family, or how to buy the right kind of life insurance.

A Book is the Ultimate Calling Card to Leave with Prospects

Imagine this scenario: You are a real estate agent making a listing presentation for a luxury home worth $1.5 million dollars. The seller will probably be interviewing many different agents before selecting their Real Estate Agent.

After your interview, you say to the seller “Mr. James, this is an important decision and I understand you’ll be speaking with many agents before making your selection. Could I ask you to do just one thing before you decide? I wrote a wrote a book and one chapter in this book is entitled ‘How to find a Real Estate Agent you can Trust.’ This chapter will help you make your decision for whomever you choose.” Then you will sign a copy of your book and give it to the homeowner.

What would this do to your competition? Answer: They would be blown out of the water!

Give Away Your Book and Meet More Prospects

An innovative client of ours, Dave from Alabama, published 3 different books: Wealthy Home Seller Secrets, How to Sell Hard to Sell Homes, and The North Alabama For Sale by Owner Guide. Did Dave write these to become a wealthy author? Heck no! He wrote these to become a wealthy Real Estate Agent.

Dave drives people through direct response marketing online and offline to his website where he gives the books away for free. The person who orders the book enters their mailing address and a day later, Dave drops the book off himself. “I just happened to be in the neighborhood and thought I drop this off to you in person.”Of course, Dave is a real nice guy and people like him right away, and he usually gets the listing.

Another client of our, Steve, sent us this quick video about his results getting over $2 Million in production from just a couple “proof” copies of his book. He has sinced closed many more millions in production as a direct result of his book.

If you are ready to take your business to an entirely new level, contact us today about our Book Writing Academy live or reocrded courses.