Developing Your Platform

A “platform” is what you earn for yourself by being a known expert in your field. It is the reputation you garner from effectively broadcasting your expertise through a variety of methods over a period of time.

Developing Platform

Why is it important to develop your platform as a real estate agent or small business owner?

When you have a platform, you no longer have to sell yourself. When you have a platform, people contact you.

Your Brand is how people perceive you, and your Platform is the expertise and substance that other people deem you to be a master of, worthy of being listened to on whatever your subject is. This is the core message of your platform and HoopJumper has the knowledge on how to make that stand out.

Using a Book to Begin Create Your Platform

A book that you have written (or ghost-written) can be your ticket to getting interviewed by local radio and TV shows as an authority figure on local real estate trends, like one of our clients, Bryan Vogt.

Ways to expand your reach and your platform using your book as leverage:

  • Speaking at local events such as Lunch and Learns, First Time Buyer Seminars and Chamber of Commerce Programs.
  • Radio interviews
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Video
  • TV

If you know you will be on any broadcast, make sure you get a recording of it. Ask the station in advance, or confirm someone you know has the correct technology to record you, and then set up a reminder for them to ensure they don’t forget.