Now that your website has been up for a while and you are past the beginning stages, you are probably focusing on where your website is on Google in all the different search terms you need to be found under.

Great website companies (like HoopJumper) make sure your site has good “on-page” optimization when you launch.

This means that all the meta tags and correctly configured titles and meta-data have been input. Though very important, this is only half of the equation.

The other half is called “off-page” optimization which means how many links are pointed to your website from OTHER websites that Google thinks are valuable. 

These are called BACKLINKS.

If you do not have a strategy for adding backlinks around the internet pointing back to your website, you are allowing your competitors who engage in this practice to dominate.

The more backlinks you have, the higher your “Domain Authority” is, which is an important contributing factor for how Google ranks your website higher or lower.


Why Does My Domain Authority Matter to Google?


Knowing your “DA” score can help improve your overall domain value in search engines.

Having a higher DA means that you are predicted to be higher in the search results than domains with a lower score.

It can be a good benchmark on your site’s SEO and the value of information present on your site.

If you have a lower domain score compared to your competitors, it might be time to start searching for strategies to increase your score.


How Do I Increase My Domain Authority?


According to SearchInfluence.com, the #1 way to increase your Domain Authority is through Building Strong Backlinks.

Backlinks are arguably one of the most important contributors to high domain authority.

What we are talking about here are quality backlinks coming from other sites with high authority shows that you are also a reliable source of valuable content and information. 

By acquiring a multitude of quality backlinks, you are in turn raising your own Domain Authority.

This also has the opposite effect if you acquire backlinks that are LOW quality. 


Why is YouTube one of the best ways of building Domain Authority?


More than 65% of people are visual learners, helping video-based sites like YouTube skyrocket in both popularity and success.

That value has since migrated to businesses in the form of brand exposure and search engine optimization.

In fact, YouTube’s Trust Flow is 99 out of 100%… that is pretty much the best.

Plus, YouTube is the #2 website out of over 1.5 BILLION websites worldwide.

Google owns YouTube, so it may be the BEST place to build Domain Authority.


How do I get started?


The first step of building backlinks from YouTube is creating a YouTube channel and initiating a consistent campaign of adding smartly keyworded videos to it over a period of time. 

Your YouTube channel will be the source of your most valuable backlinks.

If you haven’t yet leveraged video content as part of your marketing strategy, you should consider doing so before your competition eats your lunch.

What’s great about YouTube marketing is once your videos are up online, you’re never charged a dime in keeping them up.

This is unlike paying for premium Google Ads or Facebook Ads where if you stop paying, everything goes away.

HoopJumper Media has a done-for-you program to build hundreds if not thousands of individual long-tail keyword based videos.

These can add valuable backlinks for your website and raise your Domain Authority giving your website better Google ranking.

If you’d like to speak with a YouTube video marketing expert, click here – http://appointment.hoopjumper.com – to set up a free consultation with Brett Miller who will go over how this program can help you be found easier and get more leads and clients.