podcast, video podcast, podcastingReal Estate Video Podcasting in the past year has exploded with real estate experts and influencers alike.


Top real estate experts like Tom Ferry, Kevin Ward and Brian Buffini all have built incredibly successful brands through video marketing and podcasting.


So, what do they know that you don’t?


For one thing, they know it’s a new way of networking. The old networking paradigm involved having go everywhere in person and giving countless presentations to small groups. Now, by harnessing easy-to-use technology, Video makes it possible for lots of people to get to know, like and trust you through sharing your expertise and personality via video.


And in the quest to become a better communicator, consistently creating Video helps you become a better public speaker, which in turn will transform you into a more influential and successful real estate agent or broker.


Now, with the space-age technology contained in every modern iPhone and Smartphone, everybody has a built-in video studio in the palm of their hands.


What exactly is Video Podcasting? 


This is simply creating a group of Videos (or Episodes) into a series, much like a TV series, that you make available through a variety of platforms that consumers can download and “consume” on their phones or computers, while driving, walking, exercising, anywhere. And it allows the public to get to build a relationship with you over time. 


Inman News concluded that having a podcast is a no-brainer in real estate and that the sooner you launch, the easier it’ll be for you to dominate your local market


Recent findings by the Aberdeen Group, a top marketing research organization that helps businesses worldwide improve their sales performance, report that marketers who use Video effectively to network actually grow their revenue 49% faster than non-video users. 


They conclude that investing in video marketing guarantees a faster, more productive revenue growth than almost any other technology-based solution. They recommend that all real estate professionals looking for a revenue boost should seriously consider video as a top tactic to get their sales numbers higher.


A leading technology provider for real estate agents states that “To stand out from the competition and create a distinguishable message, agents should turn to video since we tend to retain that information better and for a longer period of time. Of course, ads and direct mail still have their place in a real estate agent’s marketing campaign, pairing it with video will make a longer-lasting impression on prospects.”


Currently, 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name Video as the type of content with the very best return on investment.


So, if Video Marketing and Podcasting are so beneficial to helping real estate professionals establish their credibility and exponentially increase their money-making potential, why aren’t more Agents doing it?


I believe the answer is that Realtors are busy 7 days a week and the thought of adding one more technology to learn and rollout is simply overwhelming. 


And Millennials these days, the #1 home buying demographic, are voracious Podcast consumers. They have become accustomed to expecting good quality from their videos and podcasts, so crudely non-optimized video clips just don’t make the cut.


What if… 


What if all you had to do was record one to three minutes from your Smartphone and send that video to someone who would wave a magic wand over it and presto, your beautifully edited video with music and graphics would be all over the internet?


If you could market yourself using the same 21st Century tools that all the biggest real estate success stories use, how would that affect not only your future earning potential but how much could you accomplish if every day you had a spring in your step and a constant feeling of optimism flowing through you about your future?