Internet Marketing Coach

INTERNET MARKETING COACH CALLHave you ever hired a coach? Do you have a coach for other areas of your life? A Business Coach? A Life Coach? A Personal Trainer, perhaps? If yes, you understand how important it is to have an outside person helping you to see what you are doing right, and where there may be areas of improvement.

So what does an Internet Marketing Coach do? A Marketing Coach helps you with your Marketing. We all have two jobs in our business, doing the work of the field (Real Estate, Insurance, Dog Breeder…) and marketing ourselves so we have clients!

You are an expert in your chosen profession, but you may not be an expert in marketing and with the changes happening at such a rapid pace online, being an Internet Marketing Professional takes constant learning to keep up with changing technology.

We are Internet Marketing experts and we want to be able to support you in doing the right marketing that will give you the best results. We will lead you through the maze, give you step-by-step help and then hold you accountable to following through with your marketing efforts.

Imagine, instead of looking blankly at your website or your social media accounts, not “getting” how they all worked together, you know exactly what to do to attract more clients and are able to easily do these easy tasks yourself, or assign them to an administrator. This is what coaching could do for you.

HoopJumper Coaches can only work with a limited number of clients because of the one-on-one nature of this working relationship and the time invested with each client.

Contact us today to find out if coaching is right for you and if there is currently any availability for one-on-one coaching.