Logo Design

There are almost 1.2 million Real Estate Agent in the United States, and in your market, there are probably hundreds of fellow Real Estate Agent. Imagine everyone in your market are presenting themselves exactly the same by using their broker’s logo with their name in plain text and a square headshot on everything they do.

This is called “running with the herd.”

So how do you stand up and be recognized if you are advertising yourself exactly as every other fellow agent in your office?

HoopJumper offers a very personalized Logo service that will respect your need to create a logo and brand for yourself that will not look generic or cheap and bespeak your personal high standards. We will interview you, ask you questions about your personal preferences, about your area, about your philosophy of being a Real Estate Agent, and will come up with a game plan, and Branding and Logo Strategy.

From there, we will work with a group of skilled artists and designers who will all submit a “comp” designs to see if you like one best and pick a winner that you want to go back and forth until your new logo is perfect, and then we will send you your new logo in every format needed to use it in printing, in email, on your website, even on a billboard or the side of a building if you wish.

A logo is not your “brand”, but it is part of it!

Are you looking to get your own professional logo? Contact us today for a free consultation and pricing.