Have you considered creating your own Podcast?


Podcasting is all the craze right now, especially among younger professionals, and Millennials are the #1 home buying group right now.


What would you talk about?


Some great local Podcast ideas could include:

  • Business Spotlights
  • Interviews with Local Movers and Shakers
  • Real Estate Updates
  • Local Events
  • Local News and Sports Updates


Podcasts and videos are nowadays the world’s preferred way of consuming information. Many people actually welcome consuming this type of content during their personal time, like when they listen to audio podcasts while jogging or exercising, or watching video podcasts while on their way to work.

Plus, video content can be created much faster than writing a long blog post. There could hardly be a simpler, more appropriate content channel for
real estate agents.


Podcasts are nowadays the preferred mediums for people to consume information, even more than videos or articles.


This is due to how Podcasts enable the people listening to multitask.


Here are more reasons why podcasting benefits realtors greatly.


  1. It’s easy to record using your mobile device or laptop computer.


  1. Episodes from your podcasts can be used as “touches” to your leads and prospects.


  1. You can multi-purpose your content into many different kinds of media, ensuring that no consumer is left behind.


  1. You’re able to create expert, educational and interesting content that can be inserted in almost every online media marketing.


  1. Podcasting improves your communication and public speaking skills.


Ready to take advantage of Podcasting to boost your marketing efforts?

HoopJumper is offering podcasting services to keep you ahead of the curve.


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