Do you know that over 300 million people use Instagram Stories daily, and about 500 million people watch them?

Instagram Stories have demonstrated a high level of engagement and continue to be popular with businesses. It is the ideal platform for engaging customers, promoting new products, and increasing company exposure.

You could be losing a lot of money if you haven’t used the feature in your social media strategy. If you’ve been disregarding Instagram Stories to market your brand, now is the time to learn why you should.


What Are Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories allow internet users to post content which can be images or videos that stays for 24 hours.

The stories do not appear in your profile grid or the standard stream. Instead, they appear as small bubbles at the top of your IG screen. After viewing a story, you can clock or slide through the stories from other people.

The high level of engagement may have something to do with the urgency of seeing IG stories, as they expire and remove after 24 hours. They are quite brief as they can only last for up to 15 seconds.

These adorable and powerful features have made a huge impact as a marketing strategy!

With a reach that is frequently thrice that of a standard IG post, Instagram stories are becoming a crucial part of business marketing efforts.

So, what should you post to IG stories?


Top 10 Instagram Story Ideas For Business

Here are the top 10 proven Instagram Story ideas to wow and engage your leads. This will also assist you in creating an infinite stream of content and getting the most value of time and leads.

1. Promote Instagram Posts

Instagram stories are an excellent way to share your most recent post with your whole network. You can ensure that your followers and those who follow you see what you’ve posted.

Simply snap a photo of your Instagram post or feed and then slightly blur it so you can intrigue your follower with the post.

2. Countdown to Product Launch

You many use countdowns on IG stories if you have a new product launch and want to develop traction and attract audiences in the process. They are quick and simple to create, but they are powerful. You can make it straightforward as you like or include reveals in each new post.

3. Answer Questions

Do you get plenty of feedback from consumers and followers?

Maybe people keep asking how to use your product or how you’ve reached your goals. You can answer those queries with video or text images on Instagram stories. Invite your followers to comment or send questions in one of your posts. Give a personal touch with your replies to engage your followers and start a conversation.

4. Create a Shoppable Story

Instagram announced a shoppable story sticker that permits businesses to sell their products straight to the IG stories, rather than having to swipe up and leave the app.

You should be making a physical product that meets IG’s regulations. It is important to have an IG business profile. It is only available in 46 countries as of 2019.

5. Host a Contest and Giveaways

It is quite engaging to host giveaways in terms of participation and growing your followers. The following is a rundown of how Instagram stories work for contests and giveaways.

  • Invite your followers to post a story about a specific task. Whether it’s them using or holding the product, pulling a silly face, or anything that could potentially increase your engagement.
  • They should tag your account to the very same Instagram story. They could only tag when they follow you, which is why this is a fantastic strategy to grow leads and followers.
  • Choose a winner that has stayed ahead of your notification and keep track of everyone who has entered and tagged you.

Remember that IG stories can only last 24 hours, so you should take screenshots to keep track.

6. Story Take Over

This is when you let somebody else publish on your account for a day. It could be a paid or unpaid influencer. It is one of the best Instagram story ideas to personalize your brand and engage your audience. Working with an influencer can help build your business reputation and high-quality services.

7. Go Live

Here’s another great idea you can try to increase visibility. Instagram Live allows viewers to interact with you in real-time. When you go live, most users will get a push notification about your live stream. Thus, that would increase engagement.

After you end the live video, it appears on your Instagram Story. Others who missed your live show can watch it later on video.

8. Make A Poll

Instagram has a poll sticker for stories. Pose your followers a question with two possible answers. Polls are an excellent way to increase your brand awareness and exposure.

The great part is that you can conduct your poll in several ways. You can reinforce positive stories by asking questions to your followers. Or give them a choice between two product launches.

9. Shoutouts

Your stories don’t have to be about you all the time!

Perhaps you have a favorite website or user that you want to mention. An influencer you’ve collaborated with who deserves to be recognized. You may also opt to congratulate a business that is doing really great.

You can give a business a shoutout and tell everyone why you adore them. Your involvement will rise, especially if people share the post or story with your audience.

10. Post Testimonials and Reviews

One of the most effective strategies to generate and convert leads into sales is to use brand awareness. People prefer to buy from or work for businesses they know are good. Whether it’s pictures of client reviews, fragments of letters with complimentary phrases, or video testimonials, make sure to tell your audience about them!


How We Can Help You Create A Powerful IG Story

There are a variety of approaches to using Instagram Stories to advertise yourself or your business. However, deciding what exactly you should share can be challenging.

If you’re looking for some creative inspiration, try one or more of the Instagram story ideas we’ve provided, and you will be sure to hit your goal. You don’t have to worry about managing all the other tasks.

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