The long-awaited iOS 14 update will significantly change the way Advertisers and Business Owners use Facebook Ads.

Facebook has notified advertisers and business owners to Verify their Domains as well as Set Up Two-Factor Authentication in preparation for the Apple iOS Update. These preparations will help ensure you don’t lose access to any accounts during this change and any Ad Accounts connected to your personal profile won’t be deleted.

Before starting this process, you need to make sure you have access to your website and you are a full admin in your Business Manager. If you need help with this step, HoopJumper offers help with this to our Management and Advertising customers.

What is your Domain? In simple terms, your Domain name is the website name that shows up on the address bar of your internet browser, after the “www”. It usually ends with “.com”, “.org” etc. For example, our website’s URL is https://www.hoopjumper.com, so our domain name is hoopjumper.com.

How to Verify Your Domain with Facebook

Domain verification helps Facebook ensure that only the right parties can edit link previews that direct to your content.

Step 1: Go to the Domains Area under the Brand Safety Section in your Business Settings.   https://business.facebook.com/settings/owned-domains

Step 2: Click the blue Add button and enter the website address in the popup window and click Add Domain. Try refreshing the page afterward if you don’t see an updated list.

Step 3: Choose one of the 3 verification methods: We recommend Meta-tag verification as it’s been the easiest for us.

Step 4: Once you follow the instructions on Facebook, click the green Verify button and you should see the red dot next to your domain turn from red to green which means you are verified!

Need help with this or help keeping up with the constant social media landscape updates?. Have you considered hiring a social media manager to run your profiles or ads? This means you’d have an expert keeping you up to date and available to help with these things!

Learn more about our Social Media Services, and schedule a free Social Media Review today on social.hoopjumper.com!

During this review, we will: Find out what your goals are around social media. I’ll review your current social profiles and latest postings and I’ll summarize my findings and recommend the best course of action for you!