We have been jumping through hoops for our clients since 2005, helping them to brand and market themselves on and off the internet, creating client satisfaction, and putting a smile on their faces. We have helped thousands of independent professionals, real estate agents and small businesses reach their target audience by creating lead-converting websites and high-quality branding. We also offer state-of-the-art video services and unmatched social media advertising in what we call our Hoop of Services.

The idea of HoopJumper first started when Brett Miller, who was the Web Division Director at the number one advertising agency for real estate agents at the time, was talking to attendees at a marketing conference the company was putting on.

“In one live event in Las Vegas, a client came up to me. You could see his frustrations at being passed around by customer service.” Brett explains.

I can still clearly remember what he said. “I’m always having to jump through hoops to get through to anyone there…why can’t somebody jump through hoops for me???”

I felt his pain, too! It kept me awake all night. I was so inspired to write a whole new report on how we can improve our services so that our customers felt more valued and loved.

Brett’s love of branding and marketing goes back even further. .

“Back when I was still young, way before I started HoopJumper, I helped bands promote concerts and festivals by creating band logos, posters, and signages/flyers while still in school. After a few road trips and watching the bands perform, I learned to play bass. I ended up playing for different bands.

That passion and ambition for advertising
stayed in my heart!

‘Here, at HoopJumper, we provide you with everything marketing-related and offer Done-For-You services. Our team members encourage each other to rock n’ roll every Monday morning, or when starting a project, that is part of our unique company culture.

We help you turn your business ideas into reality!

Isn’t it time you had a company like HoopJumper behind you. Think of what you could accomplish in your business with the right partner. At HoopJumper, we offer complimentary consultation calls to discuss your current goals to see how we may be able to jump through hoops for you™ You deserve to have a partner like HoopJumper working for you.