video blogging, videoHaving the best video blogging ideas and content for your brand seems like an out-of-the-box idea in a product marketing sense nowadays. So doing something that you love, as video blogging for your brand, should be easy. However, the question is, what’s your vlog content all about? Is it relevant to your brand?

Exploring new ideas and content is what fuels you to try different concepts. Being able to capture your brand’s content through your camera or smartphone just fills your creative side. Whether you’re trying out new things or optimizing your brand’s awareness, vlogging done right can get you there.

But it is not always as easy as it seems. Yes, the possibilities are endless, but finding the perfect vlogging idea for your brand takes time and strategy. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of video blogging ideas to help you reach your business goals.

What Is Video Blogging

Video blogging, more popularly known as ‘vlogging,’ is one of the fastest-growing content and marketing ideas on the web or business side.

But what makes good vlogging engaging? The answer to that will always be the ‘content.’

If you’re are trying to spread your brand or service across different platforms, the main challenge for businesses is coming up with the right content. The brand’s content should inform your viewers about your service or product and generate engagement.

The goal of this vlogging is to deliver an appealing brand ad via video content. Video marketing strategy is one of the top-of-the-list ideas for all business advertising and campaigns.

This allows your company to build and reach out to viewers like no other communication or written format.

Video Blogging Tips To Get Your Brand Started

At HoopJumper Video Services, we will help you reach your brand’s desired growth rate without limiting your fun-filled video blogging adventures.

Here are four quick and easy steps to get your vlogging experience started.

  1. Know what your vlog is about- what is it for?
  2. Know your target viewers- who is it for?
  3. Create your own identity- what is your brand?
  4. Grow your channel- market your vlog!

Now that you know the basics in starting your vlog, start brainstorming for content. One main challenge vloggers experience in creating high-quality content is that it’s not good enough to gain more likes and subscribers.

Perfectly done videos are great and can increase your brand’s potential leads. But the key is to remember that video marketing is also simply reaching the public. Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Twitter Feed Ads, and YouTube videos can be done using smartphones. It is important to keep in mind that audiences respond to quick and humanized content, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. The strategy to storytelling what your brand is all about matters to the public.

7 Best Video Blogging Ideas To Boost Your Brand

These are just some of the basic ideas to start your video blogging. Hoopjumper will give you more innovative and fresh ideas to assist you in your video marketing strategy.

Here are the seven best vlogging ideas to get your brand scale up and to run full throttle. So grab your smartphone and start recording.

  1. Introduce yourself or your brand. Every good vlog starts with you. If it’s your first time vlogging and you’re still testing the waters, let the viewers know you first. Give a personal introduction of yourself or your brand. Tell your audience about your interests, hobbies, favorites, your least favorites, and many more. Tell your viewers what made you start vlogging and casually drop questions for them to answer. Your comment section will be flooded in no time.
  2. Funny vlogs. People love to have a bit of a laugh, especially during difficult times. Funny vlogs are a well-known genre that people love to engage in. So, why don’t you try spicing up your content with a bit of fun fact or quiz? Create videos that feature challenges. A new challenge emerges from somewhere, but people usually find it exciting to watch. Parody videos are also famous for the hilarity it brings, try searching famous scenes from famous movies, showcase your acting skills, and give your viewers a laugh.
  3. Informative vlogs. Vlogs are not only made for entertainment; they also can be a source of information. Reviews are one example of an informative vlog. People always search for reviews on the internet before purchasing products, watching movies, eating in a restaurant, or reading books. You can rate any of these categories and share with them your honest evaluation. Five-minute life hacks are also trending topics in social media right now. People love watching hacks that don’t take much of their time. Do your five-minute hack with the common mistakes people make and show them your unique ideas on how to avoid them.
  4. Inspirational Vlogs. You can also try talking about something serious. It can be something that you’ve recently overcome or something that you’re still working on. This will give your viewers another perspective of you as an individual. It will show you as someone honest, vulnerable, and brave. Share the struggles and challenges you’ve been currently facing, and you’ll be surprised how a lot of people can relate to you. Not only will you inspire people, but they’ll be empowered after hearing your story.
  5. Q&A vlogs. Question and answer vlogs are fun to organize! Q&A vlogs allow your audiences to get to know you better and get your opinions on certain issues. Let your viewers leave questions on your comments, list them down and create an entire vlog dedicated to answering their questions. This establishes your connection with your users and helps increase your engagement with them.
  6. Interview about the brand. Interview about how a product makes your audience’s life easier. This can be from a friend, follower, influencer, or just some ordinary Joe that you met in random places. Getting your product relevant to other’s life and featuring other people will add dimension to your content. Make sure to highlight the brand’s benefits and results so that your brand will connect with your audience.
  7. Launch your product or brand. Selling your brand or product across multiple channels is an excellent idea to achieve your target goals and another income stream. There are various digital products that you can develop on a vlog, such as ebooks, coaching, workbooks, etc. All you need to do is upload your vlog to Youtube. This will help your brand launch on different social media platforms. Not only do you monetize your YouTube channel, but also it helps spread the ads for your brand. It is important to have an engaging vlog for your brand so that your content sends the correct information to the public.

Let Hoopjumper help with all your video blogging content ideas. It is the key to achieving your successful vlogging channel. Our efforts do not stop after we publish your videos. We will continue to hone creativity until the word is out about your video channel.

All you need to do is record a video of yourself, your brand, or your service and send your media file to HoopJumper. We’ll edit your video file and take care of the rest until creativity sets abloom.

Hoopjumper’s video services strategy will keep you and your channel up to date with the latest vlogging trends. Schedule a complimentary video services consultation call and watch your vlogging channel grow.