Your Website Is The Cornerstone Of Your Marketing

A great business website is still relevant! In today’s online world, some people believe that a website is no longer relevant. They are wrong. A great small business or real estate website is the cornerstone of all of your marketing efforts, or it should be.

You are in control of your website. Social media sites can change their rules at any time, and often do. They could shut your page down without warning or change the way your leads are seeing your content.

With a great website, you are in control of the content and you are in control of the leads. Your website must have a way for interested prospects to contact you and then you must stay in touch with them until they buy.

HoopJumper customizes all of our real estate and small business websites with a unique and appealing homepage focused on getting your ideal client to contact you. It is all about lead capture.

Custom designed and branded HoopJumper Great Real Estate Agent and Small Business Websites, are just that…CUSTOM. These are not created from a blah, generic template that will cause you to look just like other agents or businesses. Instead, HoopJumper has a consultation meeting with you to help you identify who your ideal client is and helps you in creating a site that will get interested prospects to contact you so you can capture and nurture that lead.

Your website should also be built with great SEO, search engine optimization, strategies from the ground up. There are many things that go into this and we have an entire department focused on this for you so you do not have to learn it yourself or contract another company to do SEO for you.

Your Real Estate or Small Business Website should also be designed for the future and easily able to grow with you.

If you want to be in control of your business and its growth, you must have your own real estate or small business website where you are in control, is branded properly and captures leads so you can follow up until they are ready to buy.

Does your current website need a “refresh”?

Maybe you have a “pretty good” website and it just needs to be freshened up. Similar to repainting or redoing carpeting before selling a home, sometimes doing some minor cosmetic work to your website will help to make it feel new and modern.

HoopJumper is a marketing company that specializes in websites and internet marketing. We can review your website and other marketing materials to see how a “fresh coat of paint” may help spruce it up and make it look new and modern.

Does your website need a “refresh”?

Is there “clutter” on your pages that need to be minimized or restructured?

Basically, a website refresh would leave the core of your website’s functionality and code intact, but give it a new look while keeping the content you have on your existing site. This could be something as simple as changing a few colors, arranging how the information is presented, editing page content or redoing the home page, or it could be more drastic, like an entire new structure.

If your website is not capturing as many leads as you would like, then there are a few things that you may need to change. We at HoopJumper can help you review your marketing strategy and your website.

Websites changed over the past few years to a new modern look. Has yours? Maybe your website and marketing needs a makeover and fresh coat of paint.