One of the most effective ways for people to communicate with your product’s value is through brand identity. Who are you, what do you do, and how do you do it makes it one of the main resources for telling your brand story. Regrettably, many businesses believe their marketing strategy is effective just because it exists. That is not the case, if your brand isn’t consistent or appropriately represents your business, you’re either offering a poor customer experience or weakening your business as a whole. That’s why it’s crucial to conduct a brand review periodically to see if it’s time for a refresh.

Not sure if yours is one of them? Here are some ways to find out.


9 Ways to know if you need a brand refresh

If you’re doing the very same thing for years, it’s easier to become less exciting and boring. This is especially the case if your business has a long history.

Not every brand needs a makeover just for reinvention. 

Keep in mind that it’s a significant effort that requires careful consideration. A well-executed brand revamp may breathe a new life into your business, expanding your consumer base and generating income.

If you’re having trouble or struggling with several of the concerns listed below, you definitely need to refresh your brand. 


  • Your logo isn’t flexible

The way everyone communicates via the internet has changed dramatically. The digital world has created a whole new range of branding opportunities. But some taglines or logos aren’t well-suited to modern times. If your logo, slogan, or tagline is accessively intricate or profound, it may not fit well on a video ad, homepage, or banner. Working or redesigning around this can be challenging. A clean, straightforward brand and displays well at any scale are essential.

Some businesses rely too heavily on their logo due to a lack of creative vision. People can be turned off easily by extreme over-branding. Consider creating a whole persona that provides communication or additional ways to interact and engage consumers.

If you only need to make minor changes to your brand, apply simple steps to create a logo you’ll enjoy while reducing stress.


  • Your brand messaging isn’t working

Every customer experience must present a clear and consistent brand message to engage existing and potential customers. Weak or inconsistent brand messaging is one of the most revealing marks of an inappropriate brand identity.

Do you clearly understand your business’s core, objectives, vision, goals, and values? 

Are you able to communicate what you do successfully? 

Can you clearly represent your brand? 

Do you have a detailed list of your brand’s stories and marketing points? Is this evident in your products and services?

If not, it’s time to consider refreshing your brand.

This will help you create a powerful yet resonating tagline, value proposition, and brand tales that will support your business’s goals. You may also create a template for writing engaging and well-informed copy that converts.


  • Your brand identity is visually inconsistent

Here’s a short and simple test for you.

Visit your website and social media pages to see what’s new. Do you notice any distinctive style that is constant in all platforms? Would the audience see the likeness right away? If not, your brand needs some improvements.

If someone is browsing over your product page, your goal is to generate a seamless customer experience.

Use a creative branding strategy to establish a cohesive visual identity that allows you to build powerful content throughout platforms to identify your personal brand.


  • Your brand is outdated

This one may seem personal, but you’d be surprised how many brands are coughing and caught in the ‘90s. If your business has gone through multiple changes yet its design is long outdated, a new identity may be necessary.

If the content and designs are old, it’s pointless to revamp the brand. A complete brand review is required to determine whether or not a strong branding refresh is needed.


  • Your brand identity lacks competitiveness

Is your product or service unique from those of your competitors?

What about your online presence, website, and social media pages?

Think about how your branding might contribute if you are losing marketability, audience, and sales despite any changes. It’s easy to put in a business over time, but a vibrant color scheme or a striking logo could be precisely everything you need to be competitive.

Do a business review to see where you stand against your competitors. This will certainly boost opportunities and differentiate yourself through your brand identity.


  • It doesn’t reflect your values

A solid brand identity is the basis of a successful business. Your goals, priorities, objectives, mission, and values are inherent to your business. If your business has never specified these aspects or developed a brand identity, it’s time to reconsider if your brand clearly represents your business.

From your logo to your typography, every visual element has the potential to connect and strengthen who you are. It won’t communicate with your target audience if your brand doesn’t deliver your goals and values.  

When you’re not confident about aligning your values with your brand style or narrative, check out our branding packages.


  • You follow too many design trends

Some businesses are skeptical or hesitant to embrace new design ideas, resulting in a cluttered brand appearance. If you are applying sleek and modern styles but subsequently switched back to flat design, you may require a new visual identity with a fresher and consistent look.

Consider your brand from the perspective of a neophyte or newcomer. Would you know who you are, what you do, or how to browse your website if you didn’t know anything about it? If not, take action to address these problems.


  • Your brand is expanding

A solid brand identity is flexible and robust enough to grow and advance your business. If you’re introducing a whole new product line or reaching a new demographic, your tactics will most certainly need adjustments, and your brand will play a major role.  

Diverse cultures may respond dramatically. Discover how design can help you engage with old folks or interact with Gen Z if you’re targeting the youth.

Create a brand that provides clear messaging but is expanding. This will help you create an effective, versatile identity that will advance your business.


  • You don’t have a brand style guide

This is the mark and crystal clear sign that your need to refresh your brand. You can almost make sure that if your brand seems to have no guides at all, it will be all over the place with no direction.

A brand refresh might be a way to merge the newest and freshest way if your business has undergone a significant transformation that has impacted your customer relationship.


Why is it important to refresh a brand?

As your business grows and expands, the brand must evolve to highlight this so that the customer can see the business’s vision and goals. A brand must adapt to suit clients’ needs, progress, and other industry trends. Consider how Google’s image has developed over the past years, while its values and goals stay the same. Its brand must grow in order to remain a top brand and reflect modern developments.

A new brand will showcase a business’s fresh, latest, and powerful image. Existing customers will be reassured, and potential consumers will be attracted.


How we can help you refresh your brand

If you’re thinking about a brand makeover, make sure it has a clear messaging and a good investment too. Hoopjumper is the right technology partner to help you conduct a brand review.

So, build your brand now, and make a point to check out our branding packages. We will make sure your branding fits perfectly with your business and the products or services you offer.

Visit us at for a more extensive brand review.